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Ghost Adventures at the Sedamsville Rectory

Grant Wilson, Ashlee Rose Scott, Rachel Scott, Terrie ScottBack story - My daughter's were only 12 & 14 yrs old when they were introduced to the paranormal world via Grant Wilson from TAPS. Ashlee and Rachel were at Dragon*Con as part of the Tolkien Track showcasing their Lord of the Rings parody, donned “Young Movie Moguls” by media.

They met Patrick Burns, paranormal investigator and star of Tru TV's “Haunting Evidence” because his booth just happened to be situated directly across from booth, where Ashlee & Rachel's “Middle Earth Idols” parody was on a loop at the table. Patrick befriended the girls and even attended their film showing.

Terrie Scott and Zak BaganAs it turns out, Grant Wilson was also a LOTR fan and he began a close relationship with my daughters based on their mutual love of Tolkien, having nothing to do with paranormal whatsoever. Eventually, Grant brought the girls into the paranormal realm by recommending they film events for Darkness Radio (Dave Schrader).

This was WAY before the days of Ghost Adventures or Paranormal State, the new breed of paranormal shows. Things were still old school when my girls were filming Dave Schrader's events. John Zaffis and Rosemary Ellen Guiley were the experts, Chris Fleming, Patrick Burns, Chip Coffey, TAPS were all the rage, bringing in droves of fans.

I was a bit apprehensive letting my young daughters travel around the country without me, but Grant played the role of chaperone and made sure they were well cared for. The Queen Mary being their first event, then the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State, Waverly... It was a great film making opportunity for them.

I was happy for them. What young kids wouldn't be thrilled with this opportunity? They spent several years filming the events before things in our personal life interfered. Rachel eventually stopped associating with anything paranormal altogether due to her religious convictions. Ashlee moved to New York, started college and eventually married. She graduates next week from the New York Film Academy.

Since then, new groups have shown dominance over the airwaves – Paranormal State, Paranormal Challenge, Psychic Kids, Ghost Adventures...

Having said that, I had never seen an episode of “Ghost Adventures” prior to them contacting us about doing a “LOCK DOWN” at the Sedamsville Rectory.

Let me put it this way, if you have followed my personal drama you know I don't have time to watch TV, except the occasional rerun of “I Love Lucy” on Hallmark at 5am.

I called Ashlee and told her what show wanted to film and she clued me in. Gave me the run down on what to expect and what they were like. It was literally five days before contacting us and them showing up on our door. It happened that quick.


DAY ONE: Monday, August 6, 2012.

Next thing I know, we're meeting with the producers. They brought Patrick Burns and Marley Gibson in on the episode, since they have been to the Rectory twice and had some very intense experiences. Patrick has been a part of my life for such a long time, through my daughters and through the animal rescue work I do, driving Lucy & Ethel from Atlanta to Ohio for me. I was glad to have a familiar face around for this.

People assume that because you know someone that is a paranormal investigator, you're involved in that field. Well, I know doctors too, I don't hang out at their offices and watch them treat patients. Know what I mean?

The Haunted Collector show had been to the Rectory back in January, so I had a fairly decent idea what to expect from a production standpoint.

I just didn't know how I was going to mesh with the Ghost Adventures larger than life personalities since I am low key and avoid attention like the plague. Talk about polar opposite personalities.

DAY TWO: Tuesday, August 7. 2012 Here we go.

The Ghost Adventures crew rolled into the Rectory at noon sharp. Small crew, maybe ten total, including Zak, Aaron & Nick. Tim and I were sitting in the living room, just waiting. I saw Zak walk past, he glanced at us and kept going. Okay, whatever. Eventually, he and Nick came in and introduced themselves. Telling us how selective they are with locations, but they had heard so much about us that they had to do a lockdown here, etc. He told us what he wanted to do and soon after we were on mic, cameras began to roll.

I'll say one thing, there is nothing scripted. The cameras roll and they keep rolling. There are NO stop actions, cuts, or retakes. What you see is what you get. Raw footage, no prompting. I had no clue what they were going to ask me or what they wanted to hear.

As a matter of fact, I was going to be the primary client on this show and I had made sure I remembered what Tim and I had experienced and where. But, they really didn't ask me about that.

You see, a couple of days before they arrived, I was shoved on the second floor, near the staircase. Shoved hard. It was the first time the Rectory had made its presence known to me in a physical way.

I sat down on the floor and cried. Saying, “What do you want from me?” I realized that had I been at the foot of the stairs, I would have ended up at the bottom and possibly been killed. Immediately, I envisioned, or perhaps it was a mental warning from the Rectory, that I was found dead at the bottom of the stairs. And, Tim calling my daughters to tell them there had been a horrible accident at the Rectory... except it was no accident. I was shoved.

I have a habit of playing my classical music loudly and totally ignoring whatever lurks inside the Rectory. I took this as a warning. Something wanted me to PAY ATTENTION to it. It was very upsetting.

My guard was definitely down when it happened. I had just finished cleaning the bathroom in the servant's quarters. Coming up the hallway and BOOM. I wasn't shoved from behind, I was shoved from the front. Like a bully would shove you, know what I mean? Took my breath away.

It was with this event fresh in my mind that the Ghost Adventures Crew began their journey with us.

We did the usual meet at the door thing and I had already spent more time inside the Rectory than I wanted to. My “spidey sense” was up and I was extremely nervous. We stood in the doorway with the GAC crew, cameras rolling. We didn't do the usual chat about what happened here or there, with a few exceptions, the physical contact stuff.

I remember immediately the conversation turned to how the Rectory has affected us personally. How is has messed with our lives...

I remember saying, “We don't own the Sedamsville Rectory. The Sedamsville Rectory owns us.”

That set the tone for the entire week.

I think I was with Zak, Aaron & Nick for a couple of hours. When we finished on the second floor talking about my experience being pushed, Zak turned to me and said, “Terrie, let's go into the basement.” He stepped on to the staircase.

I immediately said, “I am not going down into the basement.” And, actually took a couple of steps back. “Tim can take you down there, but I'm not doing an interview down in the basement.” Zak turned to face me and proceeded to assure me everything would be fine, while I continued to express that I would rather Tim just handle the basement. After about a fifteen minute debate, Tim went with us down in the basement and stood off camera. That was acceptable to me.

So, Tim did his thing. Then, my Dad did his thing. Yes, they interview my Dad about his experiences being scratched and even talked with my Mom.

My God, it was such a long day and I could feel the energy being sucked out of me from that place. A feeling of dread and melancholy swept over me and I just stayed in the chair and mentally tried to tune out what was going on around me.


Patrick and Marley were there too doing their interviews. I just sat.... getting deeper and deeper into this feeling of despair.

Zak walked past the room and must have noticed me. He came back with a camera, sat it on the floor in front of me and left it rolling on me for over an hour, just sitting there... I felt like a battery being drained. It was a horrible feeling.

He eventually came back in with Nick & Aaron, cameras rolling telling us what they wanted to do the next night. It was almost as if the Rectory knew something was amiss. It was alive and it did not like these new intruders.

Tim was okay with what the guys wanted to do the next night, as long as they did something to help us too and not just the Rectory... I asked if I could think about it for awhile.

Ashlee called and let me know the guys were on Tweeter Twitter, whatever the heck it is called, making comments about the Rectory. Interesting.

I was very concerned about what they suggested. VERY. It was evident that I was uncomfortable with their proposal because later that evening after we wrapped and said our goodbyes, we got a phone call from Zak himself.

Zak called to talk to me. He wanted to know how I felt and if I had made up my mind yet, reassuring me that everything would be okay.

I reluctantly agreed to their plans for DAY TWO. Even had nightmares all night about it. It is what is is...

I was dreading this day. Dreading the night to come.

Time to get right with God and prepare.