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Sedamsville RectoryOkay, so we've had so many things happen at the Rectory that we wanted to start a blog and share our various experiences with everyone. Normally we have paranormal groups that consist of 7 - 25 people that come to investigate. Our thoughts on this is that when you have a smaller group, you have less people to step on each others toes when doing an investigation.

So, Terrie and (as scared as we are) plan on experimenting when we go to clean before groups come in. The way we have been doing it in the past is that we show up 30 minutes prior to a group arriving to clean, do the tour and get out as fast as humanely possible. From now on (if time allows), we will be going a few hours early and post any evidence that we find on the blog.

We want to know what is going on there and this is one way for us to share information with you guys and perhaps get some comments back on what your thoughts are on the evidence we gathered. We hop that you enjoy what we post and we would love to have your feedback on everything as well.