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Terrie M ScottBy Terrie M. Scott, September 9, 2012: Managed to avoid going over to the Rectory all week long. I felt bad for the stray cats, however, and thought several times of driving over there simply to put out more food for them. I couldn't drag my heels any slower if I tried, but we had a group coming in, so it was time to clean up the place, feed the cats, etc.

On the car ride over, Tim discussed with me the possibility of video blogging, "The Rectory Chronicles," because the place is just as active during the day as it is at night, and we'd like to document some of the crazy stuff that happens to us there all the time. Once we get all the logistics worked out and with the help of Dark Forest Paranormal, we hope to have web cams monitoring the Rectory 24/7 soon. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

I love the idea of being able to sit in the safety of my home and watch that place live. Although, I'm not crazy about the idea of being in front of any camera again. Geez, I hate that. But, my desire to see what transpires behind our backs, lurking in the shadows, supersedes my loathing for being on camera.

Aside from that, things were pretty quiet in the car. Issues going on that I can't discuss in the blog, but we weren't our usual chatter selves. Finally arrived at the Rectory.

Deep breath. Feeling of dread already creeping over me. Sigh.

Tim opened the back door and we stepped into a pitch black Rectory. We both stopped in our tracks. Something was not right. We could feel it. We stood in the doorway for a few moments, staring into the darkness. I finally spoke, "Um, this doesn't feel right today." Tim agreed.

He went to flip on the light in the foyer and it wouldn't turn on. So we stood there in darkness. I knew I had paid the electric bill there, so the bulb must have burned out again. I moved past Tim into the kitchen and hit the light. Finally, the darkness was shattered. Hahaha Rectory, take that! Tim helped me get the cats fresh food and water outside, and I watered my little rose in the planter.

I stepped back into the foyer with Tim and we proceeded to the Living Room (or Safe Room) to turn on that light and straighten the place up from the previous group. "What the hell?" Tim asked. And, I looked past him. The picture of the priest was face down on the floor, as was our plaque on the wall about that particular room.

Why were two of the pictures on the floor? I asked if someone had vandalized the place, but there was no evidence of it and all the doors were locked. So, Tim grabbed the putty knife from our work supplies, the only remotely sharp object we had to protect us, and we slowly went room by room,checking on the Rectory.

The air was heavy. We both noticed it. And, it was quite cool outside and in the building. It was difficult to breath. I was the first to mention it. I was having trouble breathing. Tim said he too was short of breath.

I have a plaque of a Celtic cross near the front door. It was laying face down on the floor of the foyer. I muttered to myself in disbelief, picked it up and put it back on the wall, saying a prayer and gently kissing the cross. I didn't like that my cross had ended up on the ground.

We headed upstairs and our plaque at the top of the stairs by the servant's quarters was also on the floor, as was the large scenic picture hanging in the creepy room. We both felt incredibly uneasy by now and I just wanted to hurry up and get out of there.

FOUR pictures on the floor? Um, okay. That's never happened before. The two large ones have been there for months. Why would they be on the floor? And, perhaps someone bumped the smaller ones off, but unless they jumped on top of the couch, how did the bigger pictures end up in the middle of the rooms?

Really? Something new now? Knocking our pictures on to the floor. Wishing we had a DVR system set up to capture whatever nasty thing did that. Tim put all the pictures and plaques back up, and walked me room to room so I could clean up. I practically ran through the building, cleaning as I went.

Tim asked me if I was going to stay in for the tour. I just looked at him like he was crazy. "Um, no. Four pictures and my cross were on the floor... I'll pass." So, for the second week in a row, I skipped the tour. I just don't have it in me sometimes to stay in there and act jolly and friendly when I am scared. It's so disingenuous. If people want to investigate, because I know it is a treasure trove for that sort of thing, that's fine with me, but I don't like to hang out there.

As I was waiting for Tim in the car, I called Ashlee & Jay and told them about the pictures, hoping they could offer some logical explanation. I already knew it was "weird," but really? Knocking things off the walls? What purpose did that serve?

This week is going to be very trying indeed. A hectic week, and "The Catholic Telegraph" is doing a special "Halloween" feature on the Rectory. "The Catholic Telegraph" is one of the oldest publications, dating back to 1831. And *they* want to do a feature on the Rectory and even discuss the hauntings?? This ought to be interesting. But, with all due respect, we are meeting with Sister Connelly this week to answer any and all questions.

Till next time.