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Battle at the Rectory

By Terrie M. Scott: August 30, 2012

Another week has gone by. We haven't been back over to the Rectory since the last group was in, but will have to do so tomorrow. I hate going over there. It just drains me. I'm tired of people asking why we don't just give it up. Why should we? I'm a real living, breathing person. I'm not going to run from ghosts or some other non human entity. They might be making life difficult and even downright unbearable, but I am about as stubborn as they come. Jesus is my Savior, not some ghoulish looking little troll thing that seems to dwell there, or any bad spirits that for whatever reason remain.

A battle has been waged. I know that now. I've been forced to believe in things I would generally dismiss with a roll of my eyes. Something remains there at the Sedamsville Rectory.


The blood shed on the land from the Native American's in the 1800's perhaps?

The misconduct of a trusted priest that abused dozens of innocent children?

The monsters that abused animals down in that basement perhaps?

Who knows. It's all speculation. But, one thing is certain and I've known it from the first day I set foot in that place. Something is "off" there. Something dark.

Not sure if it's drawn to myself or Tim, or both of us. We both come from such different backgrounds and belief systems. I draw on my faith every time I step in there. The bible talks of demons that walk among us, toying with us. Taking root in our world.

I think the land was already spoiled. Then, a man of God did unspeakable things there, betraying trust. Feeding off the darkness and the evil that men do.

Such a sad place.

I'm not ignorant of the risks involved. Tread lightly. Learn from it. Explore. But, don't turn your back to it. Lest it consumes you. It's already affected us outside of the Rectory on every possible level.

Even as I cling to my faith there, I know it's just on the cusp. Taunting me, looking for a weak spot to latch on and destroy all that I am. It's already done enough damage. But, it won't be happy until if has all of me. All of us.

The scene that flashed before my eyes when I was shoved served as a warning, I believe.

The growling. That scares me more than anything. That deep growl... I've heard it several times now. What the heck is it? What is growling? Tell me, someone.

Control your fear. I say it to myself over and over again when I step inside. Dreading tomorrow. Another visit to the Rectory.

Below is a video I took recently.

Rectory Chronicles video from my cell phone. Stopped over to clean a few days prior to heading to NYC. Had Baby Girl & Mick with us. It was their first trip to the Rectory. About 38 seconds in you hear that weird growl sound.