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7 nights inside the far.

"7 nights inside the far" by Matt Karre of  Niagara Paranormal Investigations


It took me awhile to write this blog, because how do you put all of the experiences I've had in the two years that I have been going to the rectory into words?

I guess you really can't so here is my best shot. To all those that have never set foot inside the rectory, the moment you walk in the door you are greeted with what can only be described as a very heavy, almost hard to breathe feeling, that sets a foreboding tone for what the night will bring.

The rectory holds what I believe to be residual spirits, as well as many very intelligent entities, including some of which that are negative in nature. The experiences my group has had, as well as the audio and visual evidence we have captured, in my humble opinion, cannot be duplicated at any other location.

Some of the personal experiences we have had include the following:

We were sitting in the parlor, when we heard, and felt, three bangs underneath our feet coming from the basement. We then proceeded to go into the basement to debunk what we had experienced, as maybe just a pipe or the heater turning on, but we were unable to duplicate the sounds and it has never happened again since.

Our first night in the rectory Pat was coming out of the parlor door to walk into the kitchen and saw the foot and back of an entity walking into the dining room.

Another experience we had occurred during our second trip to the rectory. We were in the kitchen setting up our cameras etc. when we heard a large bang coming from upstairs. We went upstairs to investigate but could not find a logical explanation. We went back downstairs to continue setting up, when we heard a loud female scream coming from upstairs in the prayer room that shook us to our core to say the least.

Our latest trip to the rectory in January, delivered my favorite two personal experiences I've had thus far. Pat, Brian, Justin, and I, were upstairs in the creepy room when I started to have what can only be described as a panic attack. My heart literally started beating out of my chest and I was dripping sweat. I had this very heavy feeling of someone watching us. Before I could tell the others what was going on, Pat told us that he was having the exact same thing happen to him! I'm not sure why this happened, whether it be something was trying to scare us, or a presence was trying to tell us to leave the room before a negative entity entered. Either way this was the only time we had this experience, and cannot figure out why this occurred.

The most memorable experience I have had so far was when Pat and I were just outside the kitchen doorway and Brian and Justin were on the landing upstairs setting up a rem pod. We heard a loud disembodied voice somewhere between us, and luckily we had our recorder running. The evp we captured contains two voices talking to each other about us and it sounds to us something like “ should we tell him..? do you think that's a good idea?” then “ Father Berning they are on the balcony."

To me this is the holy grail of all of the evps we have captured. To be able to hear two voices interacting, as well as talking about us is mind blowing to me. Some other evps we have captured include: what sounds like a little boy saying “ I didn't even get to play” and “ Hi, I'm Thomas” as well as “I'm watching over you.” Also, we have spirits swearing at us, mimicking us, crying, laughing, and singing.

I will wrap this up with saying, the rectory is not for the faint of heart.

The first time we traveled to the rectory, we weren't quite ready for the high level of activity the rectory holds. And even now after two years of going to the rectory, it still manages to surprise us and catch us off guard. If it not for the support system I have in friends like Kevin McGuffey, Aaron Bilbrey, and Art Davenport, I might have thought I was going crazy at times inside the rectory.

If you decide to make the trip to the rectory, you could not have two better hosts than Tim and Terrie. They have been so gracious and accommodating to us, and I thank them for it. As far as what the future holds for us, we will be back at the rectory for 3 nights in May, and we are currently working with Kevin McGuffey, and Aaron Bilbrey of Dayton Paranormal to create a documentary about our paranormal experiences and the history of the Sedamsville Rectory.

Again it is hard to put into words what the rectory has meant to my group and I as we continue to grow in the paranormal field, but I hope this will suffice.


Matt Karre

Pat Donovan

Brian Karre

Rob Reeves

Justin Rees

Niagara Paranormal Investigations