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There and Back Again

There and Back Again  . . .      Guest blog by Melissa Coleman,  St. Cloud, Minnesota


Minnesota ParanormalWe've been to the rectory many times and glad I finally have a chance to tell our haunted adventures there. It's different each time.  We just never know what to expect.

The Sedamsville Rectory has made believers out of skeptics and shown some hard core seasoned paranormal investigators exactly what they've been searching for. The unknown . . . and it can be nasty and terrifying . . . right in your face. Makes you want to run and hide, but then you stop and go, “What the hell just happened,” and it's kinda cool.

We first investigated the rectory three years ago. It was fairly quiet till around 3am when we started packing our gear up. We were all gathered in the kitchen when we started to hear walking above it, heavy thudding. Made us all stop and strain to hear the source. We went upstairs and could immediately tell the energy had changed when we got to the top of the main staircase.

The kitchen is below the servant's quarters and we were certain the heavy footsteps were coming from above us. When I stepped into the doorway, I felt an electrical rush or charge. It was pretty strong, almost like a cattle prod jolt. There were four of us and when we stepped into the room, the temperature level dropped, significantly.  It was a balmy 84 degrees outside and even warmer in the rectory, but this room was chilly. And, no there is no AC in that portion of the building.

3am and we were already sleepy, so this new development on our way out the door was weird. Conveniently we were all standing in the room marveling at the turn of events on an otherwise quiet evening, when a loud crashing noise sounded downstairs. All our gear was down there so we all ran down the back staircase to the kitchen. One of the metal chairs was on its side. No idea had it fell over.

We hung around a while longer and nothing much happened, but for the flurry of short time it was like the rectory was trying to jump start itself and come alive.

My group is based out of Minnesota and we've investigated all over the country. We try to meet up once a month to plan future trips and we talked a lot about it then. No where else had ever given any of us the heebie jeebies afterwards, so we started planning a return trip.

Fast forward 14 months and we're back!!!! We were very excited to see if the activity had amped up since our first trip.

The rectory did not disappoint. Crazy stuff started happening as soon as we started bringing our equipment cases in.

My husband got nasty scratches on his back when he was trying to set up cameras on the 2nd floor. He tried to shake it off, but he kept complaining that they burned. There were two sets of three long scratch marks criss crossing his back, red raised and welts.

And, Bonnie heard a loud growl coming from the basement as she stood at the top of it looking down. She's sure she saw something dark dash past at the bottom and it spooked her too. She didn't want to go down by herself, which wasn't like her at all.

The rectory energy was completely different than our last visit. It was pulsing with energy, if you know what I mean. We gave ourselves a little pep talk to make sure we weren't letting our anxiousness get the better of us, but the feeling of dread that seemed to loom in the air was so thick that it was giving us all the creeps. That feeling like dozens of eyes are just staring you down. It was really scary.

Normally, we do the do our baseline and research before beginning, lay out a plan for the evening. The energy was so powerful that night in the rectory that we opted to stay together rather then break up into pairs. This was a first.

But the rectory was different, way different that night. Sinister? Menacing? Manipulative? All seem to apply. Even threatening.

Josh was going over notes with us in the room with the safe, when we heard scraping on the floor above us. Sorta of like someone dragging a chair across the floor. Josh stopped talking and we all looked at the ceiling. What the heck, right? Josh suggested maybe someone was in the building. My husband, Don told him "no way." He had already set up all the cameras up there and done a complete walk through. Don and Josh stood right outside the door where the safe room and kitchen are located. Bonnie and I stood in the doorway between the safe room and parlor.

The scraping, dragging sound went on for a good three minutes when we decided to check it out. It was just so freaking loud. It really did sound like someone was up there. Josh was going up the kitchen staircase and Don headed for the main staircase. They hadn't walked but a few steps from each other when heavy footsteps started down the staircase.

It was hard shoes on wood, not carpet which was really wood. The stairs creaked from the weight of the steps. Josh sprinted for the kitchen stairs and Don called out "Hello" and walked to the main staircase. Bonnie and I moved into the parlor but didn't go closer until we were sure there wasn't someone with a pulse coming down the staircase.

You could hear these slow heavy footsteps thudding down one step at a time, growing louder and louder as it got to the bottom of the long staircase. Time seemed to stand still Josh was at the top of the stairs and Don was at the bottom. Nothing. But the sound was so loud and a brisk chill in the air, almost a breeze picked up. Some swearing followed. What was walking down the stairs and where had it gone?

We hadn't even turned off the lights yet. There didn't seem to be any need to. The rectory was brimming with life and it didn't care if the lights were on or not.

The rest of the evening just got weirder and weirder. Crazy EVP's, disembodied voices, shadows darting across the upstairs hall from one room to the next and Don swears he saw something more solid than a shadow, about 3 foot tall, a solid mass perhaps but he swears something was standing in the room where the suitcase and rocking chair are found.

We didn't stop moving, the rectory just led us from one chase to another, room to room, floor to floor.

Our EVP's were of laughing, cries, screams and prayers. Usually when we do investigations it's mostly sitting and waiting, followed by more sitting and waiting. Not at the rectory, it was definitely our busiest investigation ever. We just couldn't catalog the activity fast enough.

Things didn't settle down off the crazy train until around 5am. Or so we thought. We "thought" we could finally catch some zzzzzz's. But, trying to sleep there was a joke. We all camped out in the living room. Closed the interior doors. But, we still heard noises through the building on and off till around 8am. The feeling of being watched by something unseen was so overwhelming that I had trouble closing my eyes. I know the others had trouble too. We laid there trying to sleep and we could hear creaking doors, footsteps, scraping coming from various areas as if someone else was awake and going about their normal routine, except we couldn't see them.

It was a bit much to take in and way way off the charts from what we normally encounter. We are usually pretty chatty on the road trip back, but everyone was pretty withdrawn and lost in their own thoughts. When you finally really encounter a very active location, well it threw us for a loop. It was a lot to process.

Everyone once in awhile, Josh would blurt out. "Holy shit." Which didn't require any further explanation. We were all at a loss for words.

There and back again, a haunting's tale. We all felt compelled to return. Almost like a drug that had taken hold of you.

Part of me was reminding me of how the rectory scared the heck out of me. But, the other half knew we had stumbled onto something bigger than ourselves and demanded to be investigated further.

We met a couple of months later and went over the mountain of evidence we collected. Shared our experiences and thoughts. Brainstormed on what we may have stumbled into. We all agreed that this was the gold mine of paranormal activity and we had to go back.

This place - the Sedamsville Rectory - is exactly what we investigate for. We had been there twice and each time was different. The rectory lives by its own rules. It didn't bark on command, you just had to be there when it came alive.

Third time. For whatever reason, the third time proved eventful for Bonnie and myself. Don got scratched last time, but this time it was us girls that were being targeted. Bonnie had her hair yanked twice, so hard she cried out. And, I'm the one that got scratched this time. A first for me. I didn't like that at all and my mind worked in overdrive trying to figure out what and how I got physically scratched by someone that was unseen to our eyes.

It wasn't off the hook like our 2nd time, but different and menacing just the same. We were in the attic and kept getting words on the spirit box like "down" "basement" "go down" "below." We thought it was trying to tell us to go to the basement, so we did.

Well, down in the basement all the spirit box chatter stopped. Josh commented on why did you ask us to go down here and then stop talking. We heard a door close and click. We all moved to the foot of the stairs. The basement door had closed on us. Okay, maybe an uneven floor. Don went to open it but it was locked. Yeah, we were locked in the basement.

We were stuck. Maybe fifteen minutes went past and we heard movement upstairs and another clicking sound. This time when Don checked the basement door it opened up right away. We know it was locked. How did it lock and unlock itself? Relieved that we didn't need you to rescue us from the basement and relieved to not be locked in, we stuck in the kitchen for awhile and just watched the cameras on the dvr.

I never thought I'd hear myself saying that a location was playing games with us, but this one really was.

We were there again last month (feb 2016) and it seemed so peaceful. Almost like it had gone to sleep. We ordered pizza and were just enjoying each other's company to pass the time. Around 11pm Josh started acting abrasive, snapping at us and just being a jerk. His mood and body language just turned ugly. He was pacing and acting agitated. Nothing we said was making any difference. He was just being nasty. He and Don got into a pretty heated argument over nothing. Don kept trying to get him to calm down and Josh just got angrier. This was not like Josh at all and we'd known him for 9 years.

He was being confrontational, got really ticked off and left the building, slamming the door behind him. We went outside to make sure he was okay and he was pacing in the driveway.

We were really worried about him. He started complaining about his stomach hurting him. But, his demeanor was back to normal. We think something took hold of him inside and was trying to use him to create drama. Josh said he felt like something or someone was controlling his emotions. We stayed outside for awhile before going back in. Josh seemed okay now. And, felt pretty embarrassed that he had turned nutter on us.

The rest of the night we heard noises and voices, but nothing as crazy as Josh flipping out like he did.

It was all just so bizarre, but once again the rectory didn't disappoint.

The rectory is like white water rafting. Some bits are slow and smooth, others rocky and down right terrifying.

My advice for anyone visiting the rectory. Don't visit just once. It changes like the wind. Don't be misled by a quiet evening and don't leave too early. Stick it out till the morning light.

The script changes every time, which is what makes the rectory so exciting!

We've been there and back, several times and can't wait to visit again this summer. Thanks for allowing us to experience this amazing location!


Melissa & Don

Bonnie & Josh


St. Cloud, MN