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Ghost Adventures Part 2

August 8, 2012

For the sake of this blog, I began with Day One as our first meeting with the producers. The GAC showed up on Day Two. So, Day Three is technically Zak, Nick & Aaron's SECOND day at the Rectory.

I was asked to do some things on camera today for the re-enactments. OMG How I hated that. Seriously? Ashlee has hours of bloopers of films we have done in the past. Trying to get me to say my lines without cracking up laughing. I just hate HATE hate being in front of a camera.

And, although, I managed to pull playing “Gandalf the Cow” off quite well, a fan favorite, I was still a challenge for Ashlee to work with. She can assure you that I can NOT act. It's unnatural to me.

Rachel was born an actress in the same manner Ashlee was born to have a camera in her hand and direct. I just prefer to do the writing and editing, anything behind the scenes.

I look like Bambi caught in headlights in front of the camera. You should see some of the pics Tim snapped of my Ghost Adventures performance. I look like a drooling idiot. Lol

I remember looking at the DP going, “You want me to do what? Where?” And, my repeated apologies that I can't act... Even when I was simply showing them what happened to me in the hallway. Ugh.

I did not enjoy that at all. And, then I had to do shots of me just sitting.... Just sitting? Hey, I can sit. Anyone can sit. THAT I could do. Lol

As a film maker myself, I enjoyed watching the B-Roll being filmed. Despite my less than Academy Award winning performances.

The crew was exceptionally nice. Very polite. When I wasn't needed, I just sat in my chair. Watching.

The PA made sure I was okay with what was going to happen later on. I said that I was.

My nerves growing more intense with each passing hour of the night's events. The crew filmed from noon to around 7pm. A rescue friend stopped by with some fur babies. They arrived the same time as Zak, Nick & Aaron showed up. We all petted the dogs for awhile before the doggies headed on their merry way with Kellie, our rescue friend. Hence, the cool pic with Zak & I standing beside the dark beauty.

Zak came over to me and asked how I was doing. Then, made sure yet again that I was okay with what they had planned for that evening. Was it that obvious that I had my doubts and concerns? Must have been.

Zak had everyone clear out. It was time to begin.

As much as I would love to tell you what all the suspense was about? You know I can't. Nor can I say who or what it involved. I can't steal their thunder.

I can say it was . . . Intense. Unexpected. Profound. Disturbing. And, left us all SPEECHLESS.

When the show airs in the Fall, I can assure you that EVERY moment you see is real. The cameras did not stop rolling from the first minute to the last. I am not sure how this will all play out on TV... Hopefully, it won't lose its effectiveness on the editing floor.

Zak's tweets said pretty much the same thing. Aaron even tweeted?? Twitted?? That he had to step away and take some time to himself afterwards... opting to go for a walk in the wee hours of the morning.

I'll close this day on this final note - Check Mate for the Rectory.

Terrie Scott - "I am undecided about the spirits within the Rectory... friend or foe. Unfortunately, I do not believe they are a playful lot. I just know things that can't be shared publicly. It's frustrating, but there is such a dark history here. It really did leave us all speechless, and from what I saw of Zak? It takes a lot to render him speechless."

— with Terrie Scott.