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RUH ROH !!! by Jennifer Sanders, Lead Investigator of C.S.S.

Printed with Permission from: Colorado Spirit Seekers


The FogMarch 2015 was our third trip to the Sedamsville Rectory. On two previous visits (2011, 2013) we collected numerous EVP's and each of our five member team had some startling personal experiences.

We love the rectory and in the four years you've allowed paranormal investigators you haven't raised your rates. I respect that you didn't jack your prices up simply because you were on several TV shows. You keep it affordable and we respect the fact that you put the money back into the restoration. It was great seeing the latest renovations during our most recent trip to Cincinnati.

We actually used the 2 for 1 offer this time around and were able to spend Friday and Saturday night in your amazing building. Thanks for giving us such this opportunity, especially for those of us traveling some distance to get to you.

On to our experiences this past March.

We'd all been there before and were anxious to see what else was in store for us or if the rectory felt different than before.

We had so much fun that first night. Caught some great EVP's in the small prayer room, the dining room and the attic. Other than that it was quiet. We called it an early nigh and got some sleep. It was the perfect time of year to go to the rectory – not too hot, not too cold so no need for the heater or AC units interfering with any recordings. It was just quiet. Still.

Honestly, we were all so tired from the drive that an elephant could have stomped through and we wouldn't have heard it. We did listen back to some of our tapes and dvr alerts. We picked up some strange light anomalies and heard some weird shuffling noises near the recorder. At one point, it sounded like someone actually brushed or moved one of the recorders and none of us left our rooms till morning.

Saturday night was the problem. We're not new at this. We've been to all the top places and a great many of the smaller ones off the radar. We don't jump to conclusions or see ghosts in dust particles. We look for things out of the ordinary that we can not debunk or explain.

A lot happened Saturday night. The first thing we noticed when we came back Saturday night after visiting some of our local favorite places was that the rectory seemed different. Not friendly or inviting like the previous night. You stepped in the door and a static electricity jolted you, making you shiver and get goose pumps. We all felt it. It wasn't some mass hysteria. We stood by the back door a couple of minutes commenting on what we were feeling.

For lack of a better way to describe it, the rectory felt menacing. It's a building made of brick. It's not an animal that needs to be fed, or is it? I can't even properly describe it, but the rectory was making us feel intimidated and frightened.

I want to remind you that we had been here before. Enjoyed each visit from a scientific and spiritualistic viewpoint.


Brenda broke the tension by asking if we were going to spend the night by the back door, jokingly. Ken injected that we had all better be extra careful and he's a big 6'3” guy. We all felt it. And, we were all apprehensive.

Yeah, this is what we come for to hunt things we don't understand. But, this was different. This felt tangible and we felt like we were intruders. A few remarks about us being experienced at this and get on with things and we checked all the gear and started to put fresh batteries in all recorders and cameras. And, we stuck together. Usually we just split up and get things done quicker. Although, no one specifically said “stay together” - we all did just the same.

We didn't have to go to far and trouble found us. You've remarked about how “off” the dining room can feel sometimes and we hadn't experienced that yet until Saturday evening.

It was like the Scooby Doo gang the way we shuffled single file into the room, searching for the light switch. I swear the room was crawling with sounds, feelings, smells and it didn't dissipate when Alan finally found the switch on the wall. I caught myself glancing over my shoulder several times and it wasn't like us to get spooked like this.

When we ventured into the next room, the library - Debbie jumped and started babbling about someone being in the kitchen. We looked and you could see shadows of feet walking back and forth under the swinging door that separates the kitchen and dining room. Then, we heard what sounded like opening and closing of cabinets. Someone was in the kitchen and we were all in the library.

The guys rushed towards the kitchen to try and catch whoever was in the kitchen, but no one was there. Even when we shouted that we could see their shoes and still see the other shadows, nothing and no one. We tried to figure out what caused the phantom shadows and noises, but we weren't able to find an answer.

Room by room, we were getting more unnerved. That's not like us at all. It felt like the rectory was closing in on us. Almost manufacturing a feeling of claustrophobia.

When we started to make our way up to the 2nd floor, we heard what sounded like a chair being slid across the floor. And, then it sounded like a door opened or closed, followed by whistling. You'd think someone else was inside beside the five of us. We stopped midway to listen.

At this point, we were still just going room by room to get the cameras and recorders running. There was a dark mass or mist at the top of the 2nd floor landing. Slowly rising to about 3 feet, growing wider and taller. I've never seen anything like it before, neither had anyone else. It was growing larger and swirling. Then, disappeared back into the floor again as quickly as it appeared.

We all just stood there like a bunch of dummies. This is the sort of things you ghost hunt for and when things like this happen, unfortunately reaction time is thrown out the window as you stand there and gawk. No idea what that was. But, I sent a pic to you and what it looked like.

After we remembered how to use our legs again, we finished going up the stairs to the 2nd floor. We did a very quick walk through and system check. We all knew that this was going to be a crazy night.

That's the thing about investigating. Some nights zippo. Other nights off the charts. Like sometimes locations want to play and other times they flat out ignore you.

Lights off time. We did agree to stay together. I think we were all a bit uneasy after the mist thing started crawling out of the freaking floor.

Okay, here's the even creepier part. Have you ever turned your headlights on when it's been really foggy? You can't see through the fog. The headlight reflects back and doesn't even bounce through.

There is the room upstairs with the twin bed. It was dark. I mean the glow from the streetlight was gone. You have blinds in there, but you can still see light from the outside. Not this time. We crowded around the doorway, shining a flashlight in. I can't even explain it but the light didn't hit anything. It was a wall of black. It sent shivers down me.

I remember Ken swearing. And, Brenda holding on to my arm tightly. Something was in the room and it had swallowed up all the light. Normally, your eyes can adjust to the different levels of light, but you couldn't see anything at all inside the room. It was like a fog wall, thick and black.

To make matters worse, something was moving around in the room. I heard Brenda kind of gasp. We all took a step back, no one stepped into the room.

It was a scratching, scraping sound, like a clawing on the wood floor and then shuffling sounds again.

We've been doing this a long long time and I have never been terrified like that before. I swear it sounded like chanting or maybe praying inside the room, but it was pitch black. No one was stupid enough to step into the room. Our digital recorder picked up what us in the hallway and then the various odd noises in the room.

I'm sure it was only a matter of minutes, but it seemed like time had stood still. Funny how things like that make you forget all the training you have built up over the years. Your mind and body just freeze, too terrified to move, scared to find out what is going to happen next. It was just so out of the norm on a ghost hunt.

So anyway the scratching/shuffling only lasted a few moments, as did what sounded like whispers.

We were all transfixed by the black mass, memorized. Scary, but it was still mesmerizing.

All it took was that dark grumble growl NOT from inside the room, no that would make too much sense. While we were all staring into the pitch black room and very loud threatening growl came from BEHIND US on the 2nd floor landing. Like it just snuck up on us while our attention was focused somewhere else.

Well, we all jumped and screamed, yes even the men yelled out. Then, we ran. It was like mice being chased by a cat.

We scattered. I swear Ken even pushed me out of the way to get to the staircase, although he swears and swears he did not do such a thing. All I know he was behind me in the doorway and then in front of me on the stairs. I think Debbie ran into the room across the hall. She eventually made it back down to the kitchen. Brenda was on my heels all the way down the staircase. We all ended up on the back porch with a bunch of swearing and holy crap, holy crap over and over again.

None of us wanted to go back in. Yeah, I know. Which is why I said we went from seasoned investigators to the Scooby Doo gang. Ruh Roo!!!

I know you understand what it's like to be terrified to your very core. It does something to you. It's like you have an epiphany that your passion for ghost hunting could really lead you down a very dark path and it's not the Tooth Fairy at the other end. There was something sinister in there. I personally think it was more annoyed by us than anything. As if we had awoken it from its sleep.

Darkness really has a hold on that place. The more you restore it, the angrier it gets. I'm not saying to quit restoration, but what you guys are doing is great. It's a thin line you walk to coexist with a presence like that. I don't envy you the days you go there to work and it's not a welcoming presence.

So what did we do now? Our night was just beginning and we were already scared out of our wits. We burnt some sage and after a long break, we went back inside. Our game plan for the night had been thrown out the window. We didn't separate. We just went room by room, and by the way the room upstairs was perfectly fine when we went back upstairs. It was just a room again.

We heard no more noises or growls during our investigation, but did catch some EVP's. When it was time to shut down and get some sleep, we opted to grab out sleeping bags and camp out together in the living room downstairs. We felt somehow safer in there, with our backs pressed against the doors. We let whatever is in there have the rest of the place to itself until daylight. Then, we collected the rest of our gear and headed home.

We've all had nightmares after this last visit. We want to come back, but we need to rethink how we approach this. Figure out a strategy for if we do encounter that mass again, one a little more effective than running down the stairs hysterically or hiding in our sleeping bags.

When something that major happens, you aren't prepared for it. I don't care how long you've been investigating. That just took our paranormal research to a whole new level. Off the charts.   We can't explain any of it.    Not the sounds, not the black fog bank, not the growl.

Yeah, it scared us, but safely back in our homes, we are so intrigued to learn more.

Thanks again for letting us investigate there. Definitely our favorite haunt.