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Emily and the Pukwudgie


Emily and the Pukwidgie by Aaron Bilbrey


For the past 3 years, my group, Dayton Ohio Supernatural, has been investigating the rectory to the point of over-familiarity. Several people, who have gone with us in the past, now refuse to return. It’s too much for some of them. Too personal. I suppose that is the same reason I keep returning.

The first time we went was early into our ghost hunting obsession. There were 2 female investigators and myself. Tim gave us the requisite tour and we familiarized ourselves with our new surroundings. After he left, I began to walk around the ground floor with my recorder. As I walked from the piano room and into the hallway, I immediately heard a growl at the bottom of the steps. I very quickly walked out to the back porch and played the recording for my partners. We were all quite excited to have heard something so early into our investigation but our enthusiasm soon waned as little else happened for the next few hours. It wasn’t until around 2:30 that things started to happen.

It doesn’t like holy water. Whatever lives upstairs in the Creepy Room can be heard growling and moaning as we made crosses on the door with it. Also the sound of wood snapping can be heard, then, and on all subsequent visits. One of my crew began to complain that her back was burning. I knew what it was before she even lifted up the back of her shirt. It was 2 long scratches that were turning bright red before our eyes. It was then that my team members said there was something wrong with my eyes. Had they turned red? We tried to recreate the effect by shining various lights in my eyes. We couldn’t get it to happen again but on the recording you can hear a very sinister voice say “I want Aaron to be f@#$” It was at this point that we all agreed we should leave, and quickly.

As we descended the staircase, one of our investigators was pushed at the bottom of the steps and fell into the wooden front door. As we piled our belongings into the car, we all swore that we would never return. Most of us kept our promise.

I soon returned. Again and again we received copious amounts of EVP’s. The sound of wood snapping seemed to be a constant and it was almost always accompanied by something else unexplained. The first floor seemed to abound with many spirits, all of whom seemed very willing to talk. Several recordings alluded to a shooting having taken place in the house. Responses like “That bitch shot him” and “I need a medic” were almost starting to become common place in our findings. Other voices seemed to be communicating with each other. In one instance a man with an Irish accent exclaims “Top of the ground today!” which elicits a laugh from what sounds like a young girl. This girl, who on more than one occasion, has identified herself as Emily.

I’ve heard her twice with my own ears. Once, when I was playing the piano I heard her laugh right next to my head. Nobody else heard it at the time, but it is very clear on the recording. Then on another visit I heard her call out my name. I must have over 100 instances of this child’s voice in my evidence folder. Sometimes she laughs. Sometimes she is screaming for help or to be “let in”. Other times she can be heard speaking complete sentences such as “I bet he’s coming back” or “I bet Aaron’s come for me.” Is this really a child or is this dark entity trying to fool me? I still haven’t made a final determination on that one.

If it IS the demon, or puckwudgie, it is very clever. Sometimes we get very clear, sinister talking from it. Other times it sounds like a maniacal cackle. Once, when I asked what it wanted, it said, “You’re talkin’. Just talk to me Big Boy!” Another time, when I asked where the children were, it replied with “They’re dead…they’re deeeeeeaaaaad” Did this thing make my eyes turn red that first night? It happened again more than a year after the first time. In the same room, at precisely 3:00 a.m.

Friends and family have expressed concern at my returning there again and again and at this point I am almost ready to let it go. With over 1000 pieces of audio anomalies, I certainly don’t need any more proof that this building is haunted. So what am I looking for? I’m not sure. I just hope it doesn’t find me first.


Aaron Bilbrey

Dayton Ohio Supernatural