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Where did he go?

"Where did he go?"    By W.J. Lowell of the L.S.S.,  Forth Worth, Texas   May 2015

-  Posted with permission  -
Thanks for letting us investigate your place. We won't forget it anytime soon.  About us. Been ghost hunting for about 10 years or more. Hit most of the well known places. Not a fan of the para TV shows, but some friends of mine from Michigan mentioned your location when we met up in Gettysburg last summer. I don't put stock in what others say.

My wife Anna was more curious than me. She got on your web site and must have read every single blog you wrote. She was telling me bits and showing me pics. Didn't take a lot of convincing to get us to plan a trip to head your way.

Nothing but respect for the work you guys have done there. It's beautiful. Always wanted to do restoration work myself. The investigation started with our team of four setting up the dvr system, running cables to the cameras. Nothing felt weird at all.

The EVP sessions didn't turn up anything. The motion detectors went off a few times on the dvr system, but we didn't see anything on camera to set them off. No hits on any of the gear. We took turns – one of us stayed in the kitchen to monitor the cameras, the other three of us did our investigation. It was all very peaceful. Not trying to say we expected ghost to pop out of closets or to see someone dragged up the hall, but it was quiet.

By now you're probably asking why it was a night we won't forget, well I'm getting to it. After about 3 hours of nothingness we all went into the kitchen for a break. Rob looked at the the monitors and the attic camera went down.

I volunteered to go check it out. We had it set up at the far window on the church side, aiming back towards to staircase. I flipped the light switch on before going up the stairs. I had my back to the stairs and I was trying to figure out why the camera had gone down. It had a full battery that should have lasted six hours. I had the equipment case in front of me and was kneeling down, going through it for a new battery.

So I'm just doing what I'm doing and one of the guys walks up and stands next to me. Like I said the light was on. Dark shoes, dark pants. I did a quick glance over my shoulder and was annoyed. I don't remember what I said exactly but it was something like I'm moving as quick as I can, what did you need. They mumbled something I couldn't quite make out and I made some smart ass comment back. I could still see the shoes and pants maybe two feet to my right, they hadn't moved.

I grabbed the battery and stood up to pop it in. I was turning to my right to say something. NO ONE WAS THERE. It was a WHAT THE F**K - moment. I got the camera in one hand and the battery in the other and I'm looking all over the damn place for the guy that was standing next to me. I yelled down the stairs and the others guys came running up two flights of stairs.

I'm freaking out, asking who was messing with me. But I looked at their shoes. They all had athletic shoes on. No dark shoes and no dark pants. I was seriously freaking out. I KNOW WHAT I SAW.

There was someone there next to me and then there wasn't. POOF, gone into thin air. I know my nerves were shot but the energy in the rectory flipped on a dime. But it wasn't just me, the other guys felt it too.

We heard what sounded like a crash from downstairs. I was still standing in the attic trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Trying to process it. The other guys ran back down because they thought someone was inside with us. Maybe the guy I saw. I finally followed them down in case they did find the person I just saw. We found nothing, not on the cameras, not inside and the equipment case was still leaning against the back door.

Dave looked at us and asked what the hell is going on. I explained again what happened to me. The camera went dead but maybe it was just the battery, but it was drained and should have had a few hours left. I know someone was standing next to me. I saw shoes and trouser pant legs, twice in a span of five minutes.

We all heard the crashing. Found nothing. We went back in the kitchen. Three other cameras were down. We checked them and got them running again. The attic was still down because I was holding the camera in my hand.

Rob was trying to get us all to settle down and focus. I said F*** that. I just saw a freaking ghost. We were on edge now. I needed a smoke bad. We stepped out to get some fresh air and regroup. I've been on a lot of investigations. I've never had anything like that happen, an apparition? I don't know what else to call it. I heard it. It mumbled at me. It went from peaceful to a major creep factor.

I was pacing on the back porch. We were just talking. All this noise started, I mean it sounded like a brawl. But it was coming from inside. We split up and ran around opposite sides to see if anyone was messing with us, but there wasn't anyone around. We circled the rectory twice while we heard noises, nothing, no one. Guess it was around 1 in the morning.

It would go quiet and then you'd hear the brawl noise. We had no idea what was making the noise but we went straight back in and it was coming from upstairs. To us it sounded like someone was fighting or moving furniture around. We hurried up the stairs, but couldn't find anything and it stopped as soon as we got about half way up the stairs. We split up and checked every single room. Nothing had fallen or been moved, but we know what we heard.

We went back down to check the recordings. We didn't see anything. But the cameras did pick up the audio of the crashing noises that happened about every 5 minutes for maybe 20 minutes.

We were stumped. We couldn't figure out what happened to me or what caused the noises we heard. Nothing was happening at all for hours and then the rectory started coming alive. This was the craziest activity any of us had ever had before.

All this happened over maybe an hour. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life. Around 4 we tried to get some sleep. Sleeping was nearly impossible. At least for me. I was afraid to close my eyes, thinking if I opened them someone would be standing next to me. My hand started cramping because I was holding my flashlight so tight. I didn't sleep a wink. I was crashed on the couch in the parlor. I could swear someone kept walking upstairs. It wasn't one of us. Rob heard it too. He went up to check. Didn't see anything, but it sounded like someone was pacing the floor in the room with the twin bed.

I've never been on an investigation where my heart was racing so much. I can't believe something materialized next to me and then was just gone. I saw dark dress shoes, shoe laces, dark trouser pants. Standing right next to me. Kinda makes the past 10 years of investigation look like Disneyland.

We really thought it was going to be a quiet night in a beautiful building. Hours of nothing. I hope other groups don't just pack up and leave thinking nothing is going on. Groups need to stick out the entire night. Even when the sun was coming up we were hearing things. It was so over the top that we just kept looking at each other as we packed our gear and shook our heads. I mean, damn straight up over the top.

We're definitely coming back. It was the best activity we've ever had. Something is going on there, I don't know what. Must be hard, trying to restore that place. I admire what you're trying to do. Just be careful.

So again thanks for letting us in there to conduct an investigation. It was mind blowing. See you again soon for round two!!