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In Search of Angels

In Search of Angels by Terrie M. Scott

Guardian AngelI spent the greater part of the holiday weekend watching films I had not seen in decades. “Escape from New York,” “Jaws,” “Poltergeist,” “City of Angels,” “Legion” and more. It occurred to me that with so much time, effort and money spent in search of “scary things,”  why isn't the same amount of time, effort and money spent in search of angels?  It's a fair question.

Is there no thrill from encountering an angel? We know good and evil exists. Most of us believe in a Heaven and Hell.

Demons are fallen angels, as we are taught. And, demons can not exist with out the presence of good angels. Checks and balances on the spiritual and earthly planes.

Yet, I have never heard anyone book an investigation at the rectory in the hopes of encountering angels among us.

Why aren't we seeking angels out? Are demonic presences so much more interesting? Why so much interest on demons and dark energy? The rectory in particular was once a house of God. Men and women devoted their lives there to being spiritual leaders to their congregation and community. Yet, it's the evil that men did that has left a lasting impression there.   The church that once belonged to this thriving community, sits in ruins.

In the film “City of Angels” we see angels absolutely everywhere. They stand with us, guide us and interpret our thoughts. Sometimes giving just the right suggestion to direct us along a different path to prevent us from harm, in a very subtle way. They walk among us. They stand together to watch the rising and setting sun as glorious music is heard only to them.

They must feel under appreciated given the endless attention that is given to their nasty counterparts.

In the film “Legion” it is the angels that try to wipe out humanity. God had given up on us and all our senseless inhumanity to man and all living creatures.

Time for a global reboot.

It wasn't demons that possessed us. It was the angels and they intended to wipe the slate clean on direct orders from the Big Guy Upstairs.

Luckily, there was one angel – Michael – that still had faith in us pathetic humans.

Angels don't seem to get the attention that demons do. How can anyone investigate and explore dark energy but not also search for the light?

I'm much more content with the notion that I have an angel on standby than some snarly dark energy that scratches, bites and occasionally hurls something at me. I have a feeling if we promoted “Come Investigate and Communicate with Angels” I'd be laughed at.

Why is that? You all have your opinions. I wonder if we didn't spend so much time afraid of the bumps and knocks in the night how different our persona's and outlooks would be... If instead, when we heard something out of sorts we were happy and knew that we had an angel nearby even if we were unable to see it. I know you're there even if I can't see you...

We automatically assume it's something dark and sinister. And, perhaps it is because that is what we seek and expect - even if only because the notion that we have angels among us is hard for us to accept.

Hollywood definitely has more films in the nasty demon column than the serene notion that there are angels among us. Whether we admit it or not – they have helped shaped our minds, fears and belief systems since we were children. I'd sit on the floor inches away from our old B&W TV set, watching Lon Chaney in the Wolfman and have nightmares.

But, I kept watching those scary films and then I'd go to bed again with the covers pulled up to my neck, so the vampires couldn't bite me in my sleep. My assortment of stuffed animals lined on either side of me for protection against all evil.  Admit it?  You did the same thing.

“Constantine” addresses the battle between angels and demons for our souls, but it stops there. I think for the most part people investigate in hopes of getting scared... They wait quietly in the dark for something to give them a fright. When we get emails saying “Nothing happened tonight” I think they mean nothing happened that scared the crap out of us. EVP's are cool and very compelling, but it's the thrill factor of seeing something scurry across the floor or things banging around that is really the object of the hunt – to experience something tangible on a terrifying level.

I'm not speaking for everyone. I know many of you are spiritualist and spirit seekers. Paranormal investigations are a chance to reach another world – a spiritual plane.

I'm just wondering if our world wouldn't be a better place if the shift was made from “in search of really REALLY scary stuff” to a “search for angels.” Ultimately becoming more spiritual beings. I know that's very forward thinking to hope we can one day evolve into a kinder, gentler world were we seek out peace and have done away with cruelty on any level. But, it's a nice thought.

How many have actually asked, “Are there any angels with us tonight?” on an investigation. I don't doubt some of you have. But, you would be in the minority, I think.

My daughter was very active in paranormal research until one day she became very involved in church. She came to believe that all those ghosts she thought she had encountered over the years of investigating were just in fact demons having a good joke at our expense. “There are no spirits of dead people walking around, they're just demons and angels. That's it,” she said.

Everyone has their own opinions. Are demons just masquerading as spirits to pull us deeper and deeper into their dark lair? Pulling us further away from the light?   We wait till after the investigations and then pray for the light to protect us.

When they see people being terrorized by some creepy crawler in the dark, are good angels shaking their heads in dismay? Has anyone stopped and asked for a good angel to appear in a bad place? If so, what -  if anything - happened?

The science geek in me is fascinated by paranormal research. Debunking things and then trying to make sense of the things that remain that can not be explained. The rectory is very active, generally speaking. A lot has happened there. The Christian side of me says - be careful what you seek.

Last time I was at the rectory to clean, I stepped out of the upstairs bedroom like I have down dozens of times. In my mind, I thought I was going into the adjoining bedroom to my right. In reality, I was at the top of the staircase and had to stop myself before falling down the flight of stairs. Easily a fatal mistake. When things like that happen, you can hear the rectory laughing at you.

So was it an angel that put up a hand and steadied my fall, prevented me from landing at the bottom? That's the second time I've been pushed at the top of the stairs. I don't think enough credit is given to good angels. The entire moment was surreal. I stood there a few seconds asking myself how the hell I ended up at the top of the stairs when I was heading into the adjoining room... Let my guard down for a second, I suppose.

I think focusing on the angels that protect us every single day would benefit us all. When it's our time to go, then so be it. How many near missed have you had? I will never understand all the pain and suffering in this world or the cruelty to children and animals. Perhaps it's the angels and God that give strength to all those trying to make a difference in the world by saving lives and rescuing animals.

Maybe you have heard the stories: a mysterious man rescues someone in peril, but as soon as the victim is safe, the mystery person vanishes into thin air, to the confusion of the one he helped. A young woman walking alone passes a would-be rapist lurking in the shadows but is not harmed; the foiled attacker later admits he did not bother the girl because of “the two large men walking on either side of her.” A woman is prevented from getting on an elevator by a strange, intense-looking man in white clothes; the elevator doors close, and the elevator immediately plunges down the shaft, killing everyone on board - but the body of the man in white is never found.

Some people swear such stories are true. Others remain skeptical.

I could be totally wrong in this blog. I just don't recall a lot of emails floating across my laptop with tales of reaching out to angels. I'm just not sure I understand why not... And, if my daughter is correct and it's just a bunch of demons with a lot of time on their hands? I'd rather walk among the angels. I'd like to think it's God and His heavenly Army of Angels that protects us every day. But, there is that pesky free will that is our Achilles's Heel.

I made it through another day. Thank God and I should thank an angel too.


Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.” (Hebrews 13:2).