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Creepy Crawlers

“Creep Crawler” Guest Blog by Jason Hoffman of Dark Forest Paranormal

Based on an investigation with “Haunted Cincinnati Tours,” Dan Smith (Owner) – May 2015

Shared with Permission:

Jay HoffmanIt’s been 7 long months since I’ve stepped foot in The Sedamsville Rectory. For good reason. You may leave Sedamsville, but Sedamsville never leaves you. I’ve tried in the past months to step away from the paranormal. At least take a break until I get my head back in the game. This past year and a half has been all about change. New Job, new home, new friendships and new relationships. All occurring pretty much at once, and that’s a lot for one person to handle. But they say God doesn’t throw more at you then you can handle, well I must be great at multitasking.

I’ve been in the field for almost 15 years, helping people with their paranormal problems. I’ve investigated some of the most infamously haunted locations in the US. It was time for a break. However, it didn’t last long. I shortly was thrown right back into it. I was asked to consult on a case with a local group, I was then contacted about working on a special “Project” that as of present time I cannot give any further details on, and I was given the opportunity to work for Haunted Cincinnati Tours. That is how I ended back at the Sedamsville Rectory last night.

The Sedamsville Rectory is a location that is not for the inexperienced investigator. It’s not for the thrill seekers. What is inside Sedamsville must be respected. It will never in any way respect you, and it will use any weakness you have in an attempt to tear you down into little pieces. For me personally, I have to mentally prepare for days before I even step foot in the building, and for good reason. I’m not going to say that a Demon inhabits the Rectory, and I’m not going to say it doesn’t. Whatever resides inside is nothing but pure evil, and it made its presence felt last night.

Now Besides Terrie and Tim, the caretakers and owners of the Sedamsville Rectory, I don’t believe anyone has spent more time inside those walls than I have. I know the building well, and I know the mind games it tends to play on people. It even started to mess with myself and Dan (The Owner of Haunted Cincinnati Tours) even before we arrived at the location. It knows your coming, and it doesn’t waste a moment letting you know.

Dan and I entered the Rectory and the guests began to arrive. Within moments Dan saw a black figure, massive in stature holding an object in his hand and smashed it to the floor. It made it clear to Dan the message was for me and I understood it loud and clear. I’m apologizing in advance for being vague in regards to certain aspects of this blog, but I try to keep my personal life just that; personal. Other things I am just contractually obligated not to discuss as of present time. So whatever kind of reaction this massive figure tried to get out of me it failed miserably. I brushed it off as being awesome. What Dan had seen was spot on with what was going on in my life.

The guests had arrived and we were preparing for our evening. The guests had begun to explore the rectory. Once we had everything ready to go, we got everyone together and warned them the dangers of Sedamsville. We had some first time investigators as well as some seasoned veterans. Everyone seemed to be really excited, some a little nervous, but all were pretty eager to see where the night would lead. And so the tour had begun. The first room I took the group into was the parlor. I was telling the story about how my group “Dark Forest Paranormal” cracked open the safe hidden behind the fireplace. It is believed that we broke a binding ritual and unleashed this great evil upon the rectory (take the story for what it’s worth, not sure the source is very credible these days) when a giant figure walked down the hallway. It moved from the basement area toward the front door. I did not comment on this as when I typically see things I chalk it up to my mind playing tricks on me. But I know what I saw.

We proceeded to the basement, Dan stayed upstairs as the rectory likes to lock the door and trap people in the basement. For the most part nothing happened down there or so we thought. We continued the tour of the building and besides me getting goosebumps, the building just sat back and watched, waiting for the perfect time to make its presence known. Others may have had experiences while I was giving the tour, however I did not.

We returned to the kitchen to gather up the equipment, and we broke up into groups. The group I was with most of the night where seasoned investigators. They had some paranormal time logged under their belts. We headed upstairs to the creepy room, and Dan and his group went downstairs to the basement. We were up in the creepy room for about 15 minutes or so, not getting any sorts of activity at all, but whatever was upstairs was keeping its distance, and watching from afar. So we headed over to the prayer room. The group I was with brought the New Spirit Box, the SB11. This is a fantastic piece of equipment. I must get myself one of these.

We had some great things come through on it. It was a bit quiet at first, and I was getting the feeling it wanted me out of the room. Maybe it was because it called me a @sshole, or a dick, or just maybe my gut instinct, but as all this is going on I started to see strange shapes start to take form. Like a mist rolling through the room. The best way I described it to the group was as if the heat was coming off the road on a hot summer day. I decided to leave the room and see what would happen. The SB11 started to speak in German. It’s kind of ironic because groups have gotten EVP’s in German in that very room.

Just as I was about to rejoin my group Dan called me to come down to the basement, I needed to see something that was going on. Now for those of you who don’t know me; the basement is my least favorite place to be at the Rectory. I proceed down the stairs and was brought over to the dog cage. The cage was bleeding, or it appeared to be anyway. The cage door had some red somewhat sticky substance on the door and it was continuing to drip on the floor. I had not seen it when I had given the tour earlier; however I wasn’t looking for it either. It was like this substance was coming out of the cage. I went upstairs to bring my group down to see the cage and one of the girls I was with had said she had seen it earlier, but only three drops were on the floor. It had doubled in size, and where had this “ooze” come from? It seems to be multiplying but we could not find the source of origin. It was like the metal cage was secreting this “ooze.” You can call it blood, slime, ectoplasm, whatever you wish, we can’t identify it. It is odorless, and tasteless. No, I did not taste it, however major props to Dan for taking one for the team. Dan had collected a sample and is going to have it analyzed.

The weird thing about it, it ended up on our hands, on equipment, like it was just continuing to grow because we touched it. We wiped off the top layer of “ooze” to see if it would come back. While all this is going on, someone had realized that all 12 of us were in the basement and the chances of us getting locked down there if the house reacted was pretty good. Pretty sure that’s what the house wanted; luckily we made it upstairs before that could happen. It was time to take a break and regroup.

After break my group and I headed to the attic. The attic for the most part was pretty quiet for us. We saw some visual manifestations about the size of a small dog wondering around, heard some footsteps and even heard some heavy breathing or sighs. We also had some really weird activity with the dowsing rods, and even had the Ovilus say Terrie multiple times. We spent about 30-40 minutes just chatting and seeing what sort of interaction we could get. The attic felt relatively calm and peaceful. We headed back downstairs to meet up with Dan’s group.

As the groups were walking down the stairs, I felt the sensation that my legs were going to give out on my way down, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who was feeling this way. Multiple people were experiencing it. I’m just glad no one fell. The last time I experienced this was after I went over to the Rectory to clean after Father Ashcroft had just given a tour. I was at the bottom of the stairs and dropped like a ton of bricks straight to the floor. Still to this day I can’t explain it.

We proceeded to check on the “ooze” in the basement. No more had dripped to the floor, we put a paper plate to catch any if it did, and the plate was clean, however the “ooze” we wiped off had returned at the top of the cage. I sat down in the basement with a few people and started to ask my pendulum a few questions. The responses were pretty impressive. I asked the pendulum to swing toward any entity that might be in the basement. It’s started to swing toward one of the girls. I snapped a few pictures with my Thermal and a strange shadow appeared beside her. I’m not sure what it is but it only appeared in one picture and is a lot colder than anything else in the room.

We decided that both groups should head back to the second floor and investigate together. We have strength in number right? What could possibly go wrong? So we set up camp in the room with the twin sized bed and broke out the Spirit box. Well I know it didn’t like me, and it apparently wasn’t too fond of Dan either, as it kept saying his name and calling him an idiot. I’m not going to lie, I was a little relieved that its attention was off me for once, but that didn’t last for long. The “Special” project I was involved in, the one that I cannot disclose any information about, well the Spirit Box kept saying the location over and over again. It started to spit out names of the people who were involved in the project and basically started to talk about my experiences at the location. Guess the spirit world doesn’t care about non-disclosure agreements. In between the Spirit Box running its proverbial mouth other voices that were coming through that kept telling us or the spirit blabbering to SHHH.

However, this was a common occurrence most of the night. Dan and I were near the door and we started to pick up on a “thing.” I’ll call it a non-human entity hanging out in the corner sizing up one of the girls that was on the tour. I could make out a silhouette of this thing that looked as if it was crawling on the floor. Its legs were bent backwards almost like a grasshopper, but somehow human like. So what do I do? I go toward it and kick my foot in its direction. It immediately scurries away and every hair on my body stood on end. I felt a pain in my wrist, and really didn’t think much of it, until I took off my watch and saw scratches underneath. It is impossible for me to scratch myself while wearing my watch. At this time someone else had come forward and said that their arm was burning and she had 2 welts as well.

This Non-Human Entity is believed to be almost like a “pet” to that massive figure that was seen earlier. Whatever it was, whatever it is, it is not something you want to experience, its best to be left alone. This is not the first and probably won’t be the last report of this “thing” being seen.

I want to thank Haunted Cincinnati Tours for bringing me on board, I want to thank everyone who had joined us last night, and I want to Thank Terrie and Tim for allowing us to have the overnight at the Rectory. It is always a new experience. The Rectory showed me a darker side that I had ever seen before, and I have a feeling this will not be the last time I step foot inside Hell House.

You may leave Sedamsville,  but Sedamsville never leaves you!