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A Paranormal Graduation


ParanormalIt has taken me almost a year to tell this story of our visit to The Sedamsville Rectory and for good reason. Of course I did share what happened to us with Terrie directly and she asked if we would share our experiences in writing. I obliged her in her request and promised a video in the near future which hasn't yet been completed yet. Every time I start to work on the footage or write about the building, bad luck strikes me down. Now it’s likely a big coincidence, but it already began when I start the notes on this story. I am not sure where to begin, so I guess I'll start from the moment we heard of this location and the events that took place leading up to our early departure from the Rectory.

Our quest began in early 2014 as our team members; Bryant Davenport, Mike Brey and myself began putting together our 2014 filming/investigation schedule. I had posted on our Facebook page that we were looking to go to another location which happens to be approximately 15 minutes away from the Rectory. I had received several private messages stating that our team would be much better served by paying a visit to the Sedamsville Rectory.

We also received several warnings from others whom had been to the location before that this building is "at another level" and that only experienced teams should even consider going to this building. So what does "experienced" mean I now wonder? Well, if it means just the number of investigations one has done in his or her lifetime, then we are covered. What I didn't realize at the time, is that it can also mean the type of haunts you have experienced, or what types of encounters you have had and not just the number of locations one has been to. Little did we know that June 22nd and 23rd of 2014 would soon change our lives forever!

After a nearly a 10 hour long drive from Wisconsin, we arrived at the Sedamsville Rectory. Tired from the drive, but also very excited, we immediately unloaded our gear and a refrigerator we brought to replace the broken one for Tim and Terrie, (the owners) as a gift for their kindness in helping us set up this trip. As we unlocked the door and stepped into the building, we noticed it was lightly lit by a few small lights and a smell I can't explain other than, welcoming. The interior of the building felt very normal and warm and inviting. The decor was amazing and if you haven't seen it, you must! The wood inside is absolutely beautiful; you could tell there was a restoration going on that was being done with meticulous perfection.

None of us felt anything at all, so we methodically began doing the traditional set up of night vision cameras, motion sensors, the DVR, REM Pods etc.... Armed with research from various paranormal teams that braved the location before us and with research from other media outlets in hand, we were ready and anxious for darkness to fall upon the Rectory. Then it began, perhaps an hour or so away from darkness, the onetime peaceful and inviting Rectory had just come alive with activity and harnessed a new feeling about the building.

A feeling I can only describe as a heaviness of darkness that just appeared out of nowhere. If I ever heard what I am about to tell you before June 22nd 2014, I would of cried Bull crap. I guess the old saying is true. You will never believe it until it happens to you.

Here is what happened over the course of night one at the Rectory:

With about an hour or so to go until dark and set up now complete, the team meets at base to go over the night’s plans of attack and how we would execute the plans as the night moved along. We also set up a live feed with family back in WI on YouTube so they could watch as well on a tethered line. As we are talking things over, the REM pod on the stairs start to go off as if someone went up the stairs or came down. As we ran over to check it out, it stops, as if they heard or seen us coming and took off. It is at this point when that dark heavy feeling came upon us.

Darkness would soon arrive and with it will come the most intense night to date. So intense, we as a team have elected to go back for 2 nights in August 2015. We have to know who or what was haunting us and why.

Dark is here and the investigation begins. Bryant and Mike will go first to the upstairs while I stay at base to monitor the DVR cameras. As Bryant and Mike reach the top of the stairs, Bryant hears a sound but can’t ID exactly what it is. He said it sounded as if someone sniffled. At this moment I am watching down stairs when I start to feel very strange. It was as though someone was inside my body, but yet I controlled my mechanics. At this point as strange as it may sound I knew what was about to happen to Mike and Bryant and I recall smiling in an evil kind of way.

If someone had told me what I am telling all of you, I would never have believed it. It's the first and only time in my career this has happened to me or anyone on my team. To this day it bothers me in a deep and emotional way.

It's like being violated by someone without seeing them. As I sat watching with a evil intent look on my face and trapped within myself and someone or something else watching through me, I listened with joy at the fear that was about to start to unfold for Bryant and Mike. At this time, and even today, I feel I was partially possessed. I use to think that people made that type of thing up. I assure you, my opinion has changed.

As Mike and Bryant made it to the top of the stairs and Bryant hears the sniffle sound, the motion detectors in the priests room down stairs sound off. Then within a split second, the REM Pod on the stairs lights up to its full potential, as if whatever walked through the Priests Room had head up the stairs toward Mike and Bryant. Bryant then screams out with excitement and perhaps a touch of fear. "Someone just touched me, they touched my arm, we have activity."

Before Mike and Bryant could say another word, it was as fear or something had frozen them in place but neither could move. Suddenly the shower curtain in the bathroom off the landing atop the stairs started to move violently back and forth on its own. Still, neither could speak nor move. Was the fear taking over or was it something controlling them? Finally Bryant yelled out that someone has to be in the building.

Meanwhile at base, I sat and watched with the most evil feeling inside of me. All I could do was smile as if someone was watching these events through my eyes and they were feeling great joy in what was happening to Bryant and Mike. Finally the shower curtain stopped, I snapped out of paranormal trance and Bryant and Mike could move freely again. The REM Pod on the stairs then went off again as if though whatever was there fled back down the stairs.

Silence again fell upon the rectory. If they wanted us to know they were there, they did their job. Little did we know that our night of activity had only just begun.

After this amazing beginning to our two night investigation ceased, we met at base to go over what had just happened. We stood there for a moment with no one speaking, but all of us were tense and in awe of just what took place. For we have never had such an encounter.

We then would take turns running digital recorders and we captured 18 EVPs, four of which one could say are class A throughout the night.

Bryant and Mike again went up stairs about 1:30AM into one of the bedrooms with contained a bathroom. As Mike and Bryant were using the SB7 Spirit box, a light came on in the bathroom. Mike went to open the door and it was locked. At that same moment when he touched the handle, the light went off as if someone or something was inside and was startled that Mike would try to enter.

At 3AM, Mike and I would make our way to the attic with digital recorders, night vision cameras and the REM Pod. Mike dressed as a Priest to see if we could stimulate the attic knowing it was once used for as a classroom. It was so hot in the attic and we were getting massive REM Pod hits on command, In fact, so much, that we had to end the session ourselves. The heat was unbearable so Mike and I went to head back down stairs. On our way back down, Mike asked, "What's that smell” I said it was probably me. Mike said "Uh huh" At that moment I heard with my own ears a disembodied female voice say "Yes.”I immediately asked Mike what he said and he told he said "Uh Huh" I knew that wasn't him. Afterwards I went to base to review the camera and the camera caught that female voice as well.

Throughout the night we would get spurts of activity and then go silent again. In all we captured 18 EVPs in a matter of hours. Some were violent and stated words I will not type in this BLOG. Some were sexual in nature, many telling us to leave and even some evil laughter.

Then at 3:30 AM a feeling like no other over took all three of us. We knew it was bad, bumps and bangs started happening in the Rectory and the feeling that we had to get out now, consumed us all at the same time. We knew for our safety, we had to leave the building. We walked to our truck when suddenly I was grabbed very hard on the right leg. I sprang up and Bryant and Mike knew something had happened to me. I couldn't speak due to the shock.

Whatever was inside, we learned, could come outside as well. This was our cue to pack it up and head for home.

This building left us with many unanswered questions and we will return this August, for a two night investigation to try and make sense of what has happened to us there.

The one thing that has happened to us after this investigation is that none of us have fear any longer, at any of the locations that we visit. There is nothing that can compare to what has happened there and what we felt that night. So many things happened there, that there is no way to put them into words, the feelings, the smells and the sounds. It's something you must experience for yourself. Only advice I can give you, is that you really need to be an experienced team. It's not for someone just starting out.

Our Paranormal Graduation ceremony will commence on August 9th and 10th 2015!



Art Davenport