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Expedition Apparition

Expedition Apparition – letter from guests of the Sedamsville Rectory


terrie M scottTim and I were searching for something on YouTube recently and came across a 3 part documentary about the Sedamsville Rectory by the young film makers from Expedition Apparition. We were concerned by what happened to them, so we reached out to them to make sure they were both okay.

The following letters are the replies from both young men, who have given us permission to share their story.

Soon, we will also be posting their film - in its entirety - to our website, as well as their second film shot last year. You don't want to miss it.

Letters from Joe and Tyler of Expedition Apparition:


Thank you for the kind words and concern, that really means a lot to us! … I'm glad you had a chance to see it. Believe it or not, we were actually back at the rectory on the 28th of December this year to investigate and finish what we started. Now that we both have another year of film school and experience under our belts, the upcoming video is going to be much better done than the previous and more professional. We are really looking forward to releasing it.

This is Joe by the way, "The Scratchee," if you will. I can quite possibly write a novel about that night, but I will try and keep things short.

To be completely honest with you, that night scarred me for life (literally and figuratively)...

Anyway, you watched the video so you get the gist of it what happened that night. I had never been so scared in my life. Our plan was to investigate all night, but we had to call it about 2 hours into the investigation. I truly believe I was partially possessed that night. I was not myself. I was not thinking straight. I was consumed by the rectory. Tyler told me after that he was really worried about me because I was not making sense, I was not myself, and I did not even look like myself.

Words cannot really explain it. The following month or so after the investigation I kind of fell into oppression. I had nightmares about the rectory on a regular basis, and I still to this day sometimes have nightmares about the rectory. I became obsessed with the rectory, I could not stop thinking about the place and what happened. It was almost as if I were in shock. It felt like a permanent hangover in a way.

I can honestly say that I still catch myself thinking about the rectory every day. I still cannot get over how the hell that happened. 3 different scratches. One looked like nails, one looked like claw marks, and the ones on my chest were not even scratches, they were bruised into my chest. The skin was not broken, it was below the surface. It is terrifying that I was marked and attacked by something so evil. I just cannot get over it. I could tell you a lot more about that night and how it effected me, but I will end it there for times sake.

On our second trip to the rectory, nobody was attacked, but it was one of the most profound investigations of my life. We had some crazy activity and even thought somebody was breaking into the building. That is just one of many things that happened that night, you will see some crazy things in the new video. Anyway, thank you for reaching out and checking in on us, that means a lot. I hope everything with you and Tim is ok.

- Joe - Expedition Apparition.”


“Hi Terri,

...This is Tyler speaking. And I have a lot to say about that night. We were entirely over our heads when we decided to book the Rectory. Not in a bad way. We started doing this at 14 years old but we never investigated that place that would absolutely blow our minds.

We've been to a lot of active locations, however, none will ever compare to our experience there. Right off the bat, what really set this place apart from the rest was the terror that we could both see in Tim as he gave us the walk through. We've had a lot of building owners explain to us all the crazy experiences that they've encountered, but they tell these stories like it's no big deal. But we could genuinely see that Tim did not want to be there whatsoever. As soon as we begun shooting our normal day shots, things seemed very off. It was like Joe and were rushing to get everything done just so we could sit outside. Because we did not want to be in the house.

I remember reading your blog about your experience with Tim entirely turning into someone else while he was in the rectory. I couldn't help but to realize that I had the same feeling with Joe that night. It was just us two, and I was frightened about what was bound to happen, especially in the way that Joe was acting up. He was calm, almost too calm. He looked pissed off in a hypnotized state. And at times he would get short tempered with me.

Personally, I had some weird experiences after the rectory... I did realize a sudden increase in the amount of paranormal experiences that some of my roommates and I have experienced. Nothing too intense though.

Our film will hopefully be done in June. We brought along a friend of mine who works full time in the film industry. He considered himself an atheist at the time and did not have a problem entering the rectory. We had a really weird incident with him. He looks very young, and I noticed multiple times that random people (like the lady working the gas station for example) mentioned to me "Oh he looks so young."

When we entered the rectory, he became absolutely frightened. He was so unbelievably scared and he felt like something was targeting him. He was wearing a big parka with a fur lining on the hood. While we were shooting interviews and we called cut, he felt something grab at the back of his neck. At that same moment, Joe witnessed the fur move on his coat. It was pretty weird.

He immediately left, and to this day, won't talk about that night to me or anyone else. He wasn't attacked, but I felt that he was targeted because of the fact that he looks so young.

It was great hearing from you, I hope you and Tim are doing well,

Tyler K.”


You can watch their three part film about the Sedamsville Rectory on YouTube and will be able to view it here in its entirety shortly. Also, check back soon for their next film about the Sedamsville Rectory from their 2nd visit.   Expedition Apparition is a paranormal investigation team based in the Chicago area. They have a web based paranormal series on Youtube -

Special thanks to Tyler & Joe from Expedition Apparition for sharing their experiences with us.

Part 1 of 3.

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Part 3 of 3.