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Spooked for Real

Spooked for Real : A letter to the Sedamsville Rectory

Printed with permission -

Sedamsville Rectory
Hey guys, thanks for letting us visit your amazing place. The work you've done to restore the building is great. It was a real privilege to finally get to see it for ourselves. We have a place in Missouri that we are restoring. We know how much work it is.

Your place has been on our radar for quite some time. We follow your blogs so had a good idea what's been going on. We keep an open mind though because you never know if you're gonna catch anything. We're skeptics mainly, at least we were until our visit to your rectory.

My friend and I have investigating for over 15 years. Been all over the country, some small places and some well known like the Stanley or Eastern State. We started hearing a lot of good feedback about your place.


Was it hype or the real deal? We caught a couple of the shows and it peaked our interest even more. We started scoping out all the paranormal buzz about the rectory. We even did some digging ourselves. Native American tribal land, but you know that already and all the crap they went through by the settlers. We researched the priests there and the one that hurt those kids. He confessed to it before he died.

We knew you started having problems as soon as you took over and started renovated the building. That happens some time, especially when a place has sat empty for a long time.

I'm not saying we believed it was haunted before we even investigated it, only that it's history was dark. Wef haven't had a great deal of things happen to us during all the years we have investigated. We tended to think people tend to create their own drama or believe what they want to believe. We were anxious to visit, but we weren't expecting much.

At least that's what we thought until we spent the night at your place. I've never written back to a property owner, but I have to let you know what happened when we were there. Not gonna lie, we can be a bit cocky because we're skeptics. It's just been a long time and we've never had that scare our socks off experience.

And, it's not just what happened while we were there. It's what happened since we left too. We just can't stop thinking about the place. It's not even intentional. I can be driving up the road and just start thinking about the rectory. My friend said the same thing. It's hard to describe. It just keeps popping back into our minds. Almost like it's cemented itself into our thought process and keeps haunting us. It feels like it wants us to come back. I don't know why both of us keep thinking about the rectory. This has never happened before.

You wrote about feeling infected by it and that's a perfect way to describe it. It invades your mind like a trance of some kind. What the hell does it want? Is it really trying to seduce us back there and for what reason? To claim us as it's own.

What is the over whelming feeling to go back again and again. We never had this happen before. It's freaky.

Anyway about that night, we pulled up and snapped off a few shots. Headed inside with our gear. We weren't even inside the place two minutes when we heard this nasty ass growl. I looked over my shoulder and snapped at Ken, my buddy, but he swore it wasn't him messing with me. He was standing there talking to me and we both heard it again. It was coming from the front door area, straight ahead of us and it was dark. Pitch black. Ken shined his light down there and we didn't see anything, but we thought we better check it out in case someone was in the place.

We started yelling "hello" and 'who's there" and walked ahead to find the source of the growl. We got down to the front and stepped into the room to the left with the glass cases and it smelled bad, like rotten meat. I mean, it was weird but we didn't go running out the building. We couldn't explain the smell or the growl, but the smell disappeared after a few minutes. I have never experienced any "phantom smells" before, so it was interesting.

We set up and had our dvr system running, recorders everywhere and fgot settled in for a long night. Three, maybe four hours passed and it was quiet and peaceful. I think I even nodded off for awhile. Around 2am, Ken complained about his back hurting, like it was on fire. We checked and he had scratches running down his back and all he had been doing was sitting on the couch. He got really agitated after that and kept pacing and sweating. I kept trying to find out what was wrong but he just kept blowing me off and telling me to ge the f*** away. I even tried to put my hand on his shoulder and he smacked it away. This went on for awhile and without warning he just stormed down the stairs. I chased after him but then he got confrontational and was acting like he wanted a fight. I'd never seen Ken act this way before on an investigation. He was actually starting to scare me a bit. I finally talked him into going outside for a smoke and after protesting some more he finally went outside. He wasn't outside five minutes when he started complaining about his stomach hurting and then he got sick in the grass. He was dizzy and sat down. I was ready to go home, but he said he was fine and didn't know what was wrong with him.

It just happened fast and with no warning. He said he just wanted to lay down for awhile. So we went back in. Neither one of us wanted to go back upstairs, it was just a bad feeling. So we crashed in the room where the safe is behind the fireplace grate. Ken crashed on the recliner and I was on the couch, worried actually. We left the small lamp on and left the rest of the lights off, letting everything run.

It was around 3am now. Ken seemed fine again. I was drifting off when we heard the footsteps above our head. Heavy footsteps from one side to the next and then the sound of a chair or furniture sliding out. Ken and I just looked at each other, like to confirm we both heard it. We heard those bells on one of the doors jingling. Holy shit, right? We both got up and stood in the doorway and just listened. I swear someone was upstairs, talking and walking around. Heard the door open. We grabbed some gear and moved to the bottom of the stairs. There was a black mass that swished across the stairs from the bedroom to the hallway, about 3 feet tall maybe, quick but we both saw it clear as day. The light comes in through that window at the top and it ran in front of that. Maybe our eyes were playing tricks on us, but that wouldn't explain the jingling and the noises.

I ran up the stairs to try and find whatever it was, Ken behind me. It was running toward the room you call the creepy room so that's where we went. The air in there was charged, with electricity making our hair on our arms stand up and it had a dizzy affect. We both took a step back from the room. Was a good time to do another evp session and we got some crazy stuff sitting there, weird garbled hissing sounds and names, praying, crying. It was off the hook crazy. Which is weird because it had been pretty damn peaceful most of the night and then it just went wild with activity. We heard the bells jingle right in front of us and we both jumped. So was it in front or behind us. It got freaking cold and our meters started going off. We had those motion detector lights on the ground in every room and the one inside the bedroom went off. It was just the two of us so what made it go off? Then the one in the room where the small bed is went off too. Ken started swearing. We just stood there shining our lights in every direction waiting for something to jump out at us. The K2 started spiking next to us. And the rempod was going nuts. I could swear someone was breathing on the back of my neck and it wasn't Ken because he was standing beside me. I swiped my hand and there was nothing there but it did a few more times.

There seemed to be things happening all around us. It was intense. I think it's the first time I've ever really been scared. Scared is not the right word. I was terrified for the first time in my life. What the hell was in the rectory with us. We were not alone. I was shaking.

I could tell Ken was a bit panicked too. We were just standing there, kinda frozen with shit happening on all sides of us. We swear someone was walking up those back stairs that are in the kitchen. We heard it over our shoulders and moved to shine our lights down. Ken yelled out who was there but nothing answered. It wasn't a random creek noise, it was thud thud thud thud thud of shoes coming up one step at a time. We were still up in the main hallway of the 2nd floor.

It was just bat shit crazy. Something fell downstairs so we took off down the stairs to see what it was. We thought it was one of our cameras maybe but it was that picture you have in the dining room of that lady Kate. It was face down on the floor. Our cameras weren't even on that table so how did the picture end up on the floor? Ken made some comment about this being crazy. Have you ever noticed how bad that dining room feels? I mean I don't think I remember reading about it, but it just felt bad, like not a good place to be. It feels very suffocating in there, if that makes sense.

We still have to go over all our camera footage, but it was one crazy night. We really like doing this but this was a different experience. It stuck with us like gum after left. It wasn't just a fun time, it was creepy and disturbing. I can't explain what happened to Ken or inside the rectory, but it was a first for us.

We couldn't stay till morning. Not that this has anything to do with the activity that night, but it was wicked foggy outside that night. It definitely added to the creep factor. I know places don't generate activity to be convenient. It's just like the wind, changes minute by minute.

But, as skeptics it was a real wake up call and the closest either of us had ever been to something that felt so tangible that you could interact with it. A force of some kind manifesting itself inside that place. it's quite a contradiction and I wonder how many have left thinking it was just peaceful as all else, when it can turn on a dime and scare the crap out of you.

This investigation changed our lives. It changed our perspective and our belief system. It changed our cocky apathetic attitude and turned it into a new found respect for that other side of life we co-exist with but just can't often see.

I guess I'm mainly writing to say how much I understand what you guys are going through now. I mean the place is beautiful but dark. It's the real deal and I totally get why you are so protective of it. It's a riddle you can't solve, but are intrigued by even though it can be scary. It leaves its mark on you. Ken and I are still talking about it weeks after the fact and we never do that. I want answers and I know you do too. Who doesn't want to understand? We all do. It's like the stuff from that show Constantine or Supernatural except this is for real. I'm just floored at how peaceful it was for most of the night and then it just showed it's other half, like Jekyll and Hyde. One minute it was get all cozy time and the next it was like the rectory wanted us the hell out.

We're definitely coming back. Our recorders picked up class A evp's even when we thought nothing was happening. Maybe next time nothing will happen, then we will come back again. This wasn't a fluke. You can't make this stuff happen on demand. We know something is going on there. We experienced ourselves.

You can share this. Thanks for giving us the chance to finally experience something real. The most active place we've ever been to - hands down.


Doug & Ken

Grandview, Missouri

February 2015