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All the King's Horses...

All the King's Horses” by Terrie M. Scott

Terrie M ScottAll the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

How do you pick up the pieces after being shattered by something you can't even begin to understand?

We didn't ask for this.

We didn't seek it out.

Stumbling across it was purely by accident and had nothing to do with paranormal at the time. I was simply looking for someplace I could move into at the heels of a failed marriage. Anyone who has seen photographs of the rectory knows how beautiful the interior is, what amazing potential it had.


It's been October since my last blog.

Staying a safe distance from a place that can be as powerful as the rectory when it shows it's ugly self is not a miracle solution. Things do follow you home. Things do attach themselves to you. Some do take up permanent residence in your life and make you their own personal puppet and manipulate you in way you never thought imaginable.

You can't run from it.

You can't hide from it.

And, I don't really care whether you believe it or not. I passed caring what others believe a long time ago. Until it happens to you, you have no reason to take what I say as fact. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. It's an invisible adversary that never leaves you alone.

I don't know why some people can go in there and it's a peaceful night and others can experience crazy activity for the first time in their collective investigating years. Even skeptics have gone in there and been terrified.

It's not like the movies. I think places can “wake up” and they either stay where they are or attach themselves to people, like in the Denzel Washington movie FALLEN and go out into the world collecting people like toy soldiers. It's probably a bit of both. If there are entities within a force, then some may stay and some may attach themselves. Obviously, or how could so many capture such compelling evidence when neither Tim or myself is anywhere near the place.

That doesn't change the fact that things can follow you home.

In the months since my last blog, I've become a Grandma. I now have a beautiful grandson. Tim's mother passed away. Both of these events happened the same month. This joyful event collided with yet another sad event.

With Spring not too far ahead, my main focus will be on repairing the porch and roof. We've worked so hard to make it beautiful outside that we can now turn some of our attention on beautifying the exterior. Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to give a place a face lift.

I go there as often as possible to take care of the homeless kitties. I make sure they get fed by putting out their food and water in daylight hours to minimizeSedasmville Rectory the piggy raccoons devouring all the morsels themselves.

I'm sure you have been wondering... There have been unusual things happening at the rectory. No more so than in the past, but more creative things.

So creative that I had the locks changed because I was afraid someone might be sneaking back in there to “mess” with us. With the locks changed and a lock box code that only I have had for the past several weeks, things still continue to be weird.

I asked Tim to come over and photograph every room from every angle recently. He said that someone must be getting inside when he saw for himself what was going on... I informed him that would be impossible since I changed the locks and entered a new code that only I have.

Unless someone was materializing into thin air, no one can get in right now – except me.

What kind of strange things?

Well, the attic. I check it to make sure the light is off. Sometimes the bulb is unscrewed by a previous group. The little toy soldiers were scattered all over the attic. I picked them up and positioned them strategically on top of the table. When I came back a couple of days later, the toy soldiers were scattered all over the floor again. I picked them up again and put them back on the table.

This is when I changed the locks and entered in a new code, which no one knows but me and no one has been to the rectory but me since then.

When I had Tim come over with me to help, the toy soldiers were gone AGAIN. I couldn't even find them. We had to use flashlights and search all over the attic looking for them. We found a few, but most of them are still missing. A few we did find had their heads snapped off. I have no idea what happened to the rest.

We put them back on top two separate tables and photographed them.

Two more days passed. We stopped over to feed the cats because it was so cold. I wanted to make sure they had food. Curiosity got the best of us and we checked the attic. The toy soldiers were all on one table. We had distinctly left three toy soldiers on a different table, now they were all gathered together on the same table.

Tim asked me again, “Are you sure no one has been in here?”

I said, “Unless they stole my purse off my shoulder and took the key and then returned it to my purse without me knowing it... uh, no. No one has been in here and no one has the new code now but me.”

We didn't say anything else. We just went back downstairs, locked up and left. I even took the key out of the lock box in case someone had some way of prying it off.

That's not the only unusual thing that has occurred.

I do my walk through and straighten up. I make sure the pillow is on the left hand side of the couch – anyone that has been here knows this. I straighten the beds. Straighten the blankets on the back of the couch, etc. I do the same routine over and over again.

After the toy soldier walkabout... Tim came back with me again. I was putting food out for the cats and he was filling up the water bin. We walked up the front hallway to see if I had any mail. The parlor is to the right.

The piano bench was sitting on top of the couch.


We just stood in the doorway and looked at each other. Keep in mind – I am the only one with the key and the new code info.

He said, “Did you put the piano bench on the couch?”

I snapped at him, “Why in the world would I do that? And, when did I do that exactly? Do you think I drove two hours out of my way to move a piano bench? And, I haven't left your side since we got here.”

He said, “I don't know. I'm just asking. Maybe you were cleaning under the piano.”

I looked at him dumbfounded... “Well, in four years have you ever known me to put the piano bench on the couch? And, if I was cleaning I would simply pull it back two feet across the floor. Who in the world puts a piano bench on the couch?”

We walked from the parlor into the living room and the pillow was on the right side, not on the left where it was supposed to be. I asked Tim to check his cell phone. He scanned through his pics and just like always, I had placed the pillow propped up on the left of the couch. Now, it was on the opposite side.

Something was messing with us.

Tim swore under his breath. I had the rectory key in one hand, put my purse down and dug through my purse and pulled out the 2nd rectory key.

“Hello?” I said, “I have BOTH sets of keys with me.”

“Why is all this stuff being moved around,” he asked.

“Maybe it's trying to get our attention and it's working.”

He suggested we check the attic. Fine by me, but I wanted to check the others rooms on the way there.  We were standing at the bottom of the main staircase, Tim wanted to turn on the ovilus he has on his phone. I told him I'd rather he not do that, but he did anyway.

First word the thing says is “upstairs.”

I gave Tim a look, “Yeah, that's not creepy at all.”

Army MenI really wasn't in the mood for “spooky time blues” to greet us again. We went upstairs to the 2nd floor and into the first bedroom to the left. The bed looked like it had been slept in... And, we know it wasn't like that last time we were there. We made sure and Tim even took photographs, like I said.

“Wonderful,” I said.

I just love how the rectory finds new and creepy ways to reinvent itself.

Nothing looked out of place in the other bedrooms, except that the floor lamp was out. We always keep it on. We knew it was on a couple of days prior. Tim started to head down to get another bulb, but I just walked over and turned the lamp switch and it came on. We both know it was on. Not only did we photograph it on, we saw the light glowing from the window when we pulled away two nights before hand.

Up the hallway to the creepy room and the rocking chair was in the middle of the room, sitting in the center of the rug. I don't know why or how. It just was. We moved it back and checked the servant's quarters. The shower curtain had been opened. Another thing we knew was closed and took a pic of.

Interestingly enough, the toy soldiers in the attic had not been moved this time. They were exactly as we had left them.

It felt like the rectory was mocking us. So whatever. We put everything back in its proper place yet again. I can't explain it. And, I'm not even going to try to explain it.

We'll see what cute little tricks await us next time I go feed the kitties...


Dear Rectory,

We know what you're doing. You're trying to scare us and intimidate us, because we have been ignoring you. Your little parlor tricks are interesting and annoying at the same time. Can't you get a new hobby? Perhaps I should bring over a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for you to play with. If you feel so compelled to move things around, please don't break anything. If you want to be useful, clean up after yourself when you're done playing.

Thank you.


Until next time...