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END GAME by Terrie M. Scott, April 10, 2014

terrie scott

Someone I care about is being played with like a puppet. No one has this much bad luck over this length of time. I've talked to enough people that know far more than I do about this from Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures to John Zaffis of the Haunted Collector.

Sometimes evil does seep in... whether you like it or not. The more you resist, the more if engulfs you and finally just sweeps you away... END GAME. Not everyone has a strong faith and I know enough to understand that faith does matter.


You start to think it's just bad luck or Karma biting you in the rear end. But, it doesn't stop, so then you start to make comments like, “It must be a curse...” Even though you don't even believe in such nonsense as witches or black magic.

Things just keep getting worse. You lose a job. Then you lose another and another. Your finances fall apart. Your relationships suffer. Your house falls apart. Your appliances break down. Your car breaks down over and over and over again. Your career takes a nosedive. Your pets die. People you care about die. And, yet you still don't believe these things are real.

When you endure another year of everything falling apart, it breaks your spirit. Depression sets in. Your faith was never that great to begin with and this isn't helping matters, because you're just one of those people that need concrete proof that God exist, so it's more fashionable to say you believe.

Friends and family try to be supportive and encourage you to think positive, to not give up...

But, the darkness grows stronger. More bad luck, stacked upon more bad luck till it changes you. You are not only engulfed by darkness - - YOU BECOME THE DARKNESS.

You are so numb from being broke for so long and losing everything that you just become dark. NUMB. It takes effort to even act happy or friendly and it is all an act. You sink deeper and deeper into the darkness. Your entire life is nothing but a dark shade of gray with no light or goodness whatsoever. And, you can't even see how much you have changed, even when those closest to you tell you that you have changed. It's them, not you. It's the lie we tell ourselves every single day.

Those brief moments where you try to think things might improve fade quickly when you are hit by more and more bad luck. Finally, even your health starts to deteriorate and what's left of your relationships are such a disaster that there is more hatred for one another than love and kindness, which leads to even MORE depression and more isolation.

Every aspect of your life and I do mean EVERY ASPECT of your life is just bad. You really start to wonder if there is something to this curse business or dark energy. You start seeing things, shadows quickly moving. Things go missing or moved. When you break down the human spirit enough you start to notice things you would not normally notice when you are “normal” “happy” or “your old self.”

The more the darkness takes over your life, the more you resemble the darkness. You're broken and defeated. More and more bad luck. It just never seems to end. Spiraling out of control. You try to ignore it, but then things happen that are so off the chart impossible in your life that you'd have better odds winning the lottery.

Things that just are not supposed to happen in our world, start to happen to you. Is this the beginning of the end? Are you straddling the fence about to lose yourself completely.

At this point, you don't care about anything anymore and are hard pressed to find anyone you care about either. You don't even care what happens to you. Months turned into years of bad luck. You're beyond broken. You don't care about ANYTHING. Those you once tried to protect are quickly dismissed. Those you once loved, are discarded. NOTHING MATTERS... Nothing.

And, it happens so methodically slowly that how you got this far down the rabbit hole eludes you. I mean, you remember the bad luck, but there's so much of it that it would take a super computer to process and retain all of the bad luck you've had.

You give up. Completely.


Sometimes things do follow us home and we are completely unaware. Even when we suspect, we don't fully believe. Even when every other logical explanation has been discarded, we still doubt it. Yet, there it is. Your life is in shambles – on every possible level. And, has been since you went to that forsaken place.

Some people are a magnet to negative energy. And, matters are only made worse when you do nothing to protect yourself from those dark forces.

You've already lost everything. Your home, your car, your money, your health, your girl... Do you want to give it your life too? You might as well, since you've given up.

Hear that laughter and applause? Another soul lost. Score one for the bad guys.

Have many lives have been ruined by sticking their noses into things best left alone? Paranormal investigation is such a dangerous game to play. You're trying to communicate with “ghosts” or “spirits.” The problem with that is you might be noticed by something you don't want to notice you.

If your head is not in the right place, the darkness finds a new friend. And, it grows on you and grows on you till it becomes you.

It happens. And, I know many people will read this and relate to it. Maybe it's happening to you now?

You've cut off ties with friends and family. You become a loner. You just stop caring. You're not even a shadow of your former self. And, your thoughts grow darker and darker. You don't even belong to you anymore. Something else has taken over. You stopped trying all the corny suggestions to turn things around from medals to dosing yourself with some odd smelling ointment. Nothing works.

I personally believe the only way to defeat darkness is to let light into your heart. And, you can interpret that sentence anyway you wish, but for me it means making a grand speech to yourself like President Whitmore's speech from Independence Day. - “We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to live on, we're going to survive. Today we celebrate our independence day!"

It's not a prayer, but it might as well be. It tells you to fight and not surrender. “Never give up, never surrender...” (Galaxy Quest). FIGHT BACK. And, if the speeches in your head fail and the prayers don't seem to cut it, just tell whatever is messing with you to well... you know, F-off.

And, you better say it with some amazing conviction because nothing is going to scurry away in fright of you. After all, whatever it is has just spend the past months and years systematically destroying your world. And, after you say it? You better believe it, through and through.

Turn your back on it. Empower yourself and take all that nasty fun away. Get it inside your head that the bad luck is going to end. It won't happen over night, because it will keep reeling you back in. After all, it does not want to let you go. What would be the fun in that? You just have to be stronger than it is.

The power of positive thinking. We have a number of casinos in our area. I'm not a gambler, but I do have good luck. I never play more than $40, but since I started visualizing winning in my head, I walk away with $100, $200, $300 or more every time I go. I cash out and walk away happy. I don't tempt fate. I don't get greedy. I don't get frustrated. I just say, “See you next time.” I don't lose. I don't even look at the slot machine. I just sit there, with a slight grin on my face, staring off into space visualizing the free games or big jackpots and I win. And, then I win again and again.

I've had people sitting beside me rub my arm, hoping to get my luck. I just tell them “think to win.” They try but then get frustrated and start letting those negative thoughts creep back in. And, I sit there telling them with a smile on my face, “You're doing it again. You're being negative. Only think positive and see if it changes your luck. It will if you give it a chance.”

Same thing applies to those nasty things that follow so many of us home from haunted locations. Take away its power. Own that power. Tell it to go home and leave you the hell alone. Commit to getting your life back. Take it back.

Let the light come in and shove that darkness right out the door.

I'm trying to help those of you that find yourself being bullied by something you just can't see to take control of your life again. I know the darkness can become like a drug, because let's face it, when everything else has been stripped away - that sorrow, pain and loneliness become your ONLY friend. The entire world has let you down, along with everyone in it, yet the darkness is still with you. Your constant companion. It doesn't care how bad you feel, as a matter of fact it encourages bad feelings, actions and thoughts.

It's like “The Secret.” Learn it. Use it. Think it. Believe it. Become it. Once you start filling your heart, mind and life with those positive thoughts, the darkness will recede. It won't happen overnight. But, it WILL happen. What makes you happy? Looking into someone's eyes? That special someone? Your favorite team winning the playoffs? A favorite song? A special memory? A walk along the beach? Hear the waves crashing along the shore. Smell the salt water. Then, think of that. Keep thinking of it. Don't stop thinking about it. Make it yours.

Darkness will not be the end game. The light will rule the day. And, I don't mean to come off preachy or spiritualistic, but as I said, someone very close to me has succumb to this darkness and it's killing me watching them go through it. The more I try to help, the further they move away or resent my help. My help is not even wanted anymore. There comes a point when everything you say or do is distorted or misconstrued. You start to feel helpless.

It's hard not to give up on someone who has already given up on themselves. Everything around us is so much bigger than what we realize and we're all just a part of someone else's end game. The sooner you realize this then the easier it is to decide which side you want to be on – the darkness or the light.

Darkness is nothing but a dead end. Get rid of it. Use your mind. Send whatever might have followed you home packing.

To anyone dealing with this or close to someone going through this, best wishes to you.

Everybody has a dark side. Just don't let yours rule your life. Put a penny in the slot for me! Change your luck around.

Please keep that in mind while you investigate these places.