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TRAPPED by Terrie M. Scott, March 10, 2014

Terrie M ScottYes, I know. It's been awhile. Too many have written and asked if we are okay since it's been four months since my last blog in November. A lot has happened, good and bad.

My daughter was married at the end of December, which was a good thing. But, the following month on January 30th, I lost my best friend . . . a pint sized Corgi-Jack Russell Terrier mix named CAPONE. He was my constant companion and for those of you who follow this blog, you know the turmoil we've faced the past three years. Capone was my life line and he died suddenly and unexpectedly. We loved him dearly and I miss him terribly.

I've received a lot of mail after my last blog asking for my thoughts after the fact... Well, clearly I was terrified and I did think I was in grave danger. Did I think Tim (or whatever was controlling him) could actually harm me? Most certainly. Denial can propel you a long way, even to places you should not venture.

What's happened since that evening? Well, I asked Tim not to go back. It was obvious that something inside was manipulating him and capitalizing on the death of his brother to control him, weaken him. He was becoming a danger to himself that way and could have potentially been a danger to me as well.

But, staying away is easier said than done. I'm not his babysitter and he can do as he pleases. And, he has had to go there a few times with me over the past few months. Just to clean or care for the animals.

There was one exception to this and it came near my daughter's wedding. I was busy with wedding things and we had investigators coming in after the holidays. It had been well over a month since Tim had set foot inside the rectory. Well over a month since he has lost four hours of time inside that place. I was in a bind and needed his help.

So, he stayed on the phone with me the entire time, as usual. He was only inside the rectory for a matter of minutes before he said he heard movement nearby. And, then he said he was seeing shadows darting out of the corner of his eye. He started talking very fast, noises, movement, voices and so forth, asking me if I could hear anything on my end.

I could hear he was getting anxious and agitated, so I told him just to leave. “Get out,” I urged him. Here's where it got a bit tricky.

He couldn't open the door. He couldn't. He could NOT get out.

He banged, he pried, he yanked... He was locked inside the rectory from the inside. He became frantic. He was swearing and the panic was growing with intensity in his voice.

Here I was in a safe place saying, “Just open the freaking door.”

Tim was freaking out saying, “What do you think I'm trying to do?!” he yelled. “The f****** door won't open!!!”

I compare it to a person who is claustrophobic being trapped inside a small confined space. His voice was trembling and he was obviously terrified. He was ruffling through kitchen drawers using screw drivers to pry the door, knifes or anything else he could find.


I told him to go out the front door, but Tim said there was a black mass blocking the front door and he wasn't about to go near it.

The terror in his voice was reaching a crescendo. Almost pleading with me to help him because he could not get the door open to release him, meanwhile the rectory was alive around him.

Finally, I told him to remove the AC unit from the window and climb out that way, which he eagerly agreed to. I could hear him working frantically in the background and then heard the thud as he lowered the AC unit to the floor, followed by labored breathing as Tim climbed through the window and free of the rectory.

All I could think about was the babysitter in the movie “Amityville Horror” that was trapped inside the closet by some unseen force for hours as her hands bled from trying to claw her way out. Tim's hands were bruised and battered from banging the door and fighting to get out. How does one even respond to something like that?

“Glad it wasn't me” seems a bit cold hearted.

I don't even know what to say. Tim was a basket case when he finally made it out. Talk about a place messing with your mind... Took him a good long while to calm down.

He was trapped inside the rectory for 45 MINUTES.


That's all I really want to say about this for now. It's not the end of the story, but it's enough.