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Letters to Sedamsville Rectory

Letters to the Sedamsville Rectory by Terrie M. Scott, November 6, 2013

Terrie M ScottHey everyone. Been a few weeks since my last blog and I've been down with the flu for two weeks now. I did want to let you know we have a Rover 2.0 which will come in handy at the Rectory. We can send the rover inside then listen and watch from the safety of our car.

Initiate Project Rover -

Rather than trying to write something insightful in a flu med induced haze, I will share some thoughts from recent visitors to the Rectory. These are their thoughts and opinions, and I appreciate them sharing their personal experiences with us.

Posted by permission of authors. 

Reflections on Sedamsville Rectory” by Tracy:

"Terrie, these aren't my final conclusions since we're still reviewing evidence, and by no means do I offer this as evidence. I do feel the urgent need to caution anyone who enters the rectory because it's saturated with negative energy. One of our investigators even got scratched that night, and it was a swipe that came from the top down. I hope to obtain clear documentation of that for you.

When psychic Alice D. did an evaluation of the building, she told me that there is a rent in the fabric of space, and time...a zone where physical space is literally breaking up. This is a doorway to another dimension.

I'm a paranormal investigator, not a physicist, so I won't even attempt to explain this in mathematical terms, but it's there. Occasionally, multiple realities overlap, and you get photos like the ones I obtained--of disembodied faces.

By the way, that portal is by every definition the gateway to Hell. Make no mistake about that. I don't know what Berning, and Company did, but it resulted in a spiritual holocaust. Let the skeptics laugh at their own expense.

Sedamsville Rectory has human, and inhuman spirits, benign, and malicious. The sociology is one of totalitarianism, with the inhuman entities completely suppressing the human spirits. There were a fair number of children, as Alice can tell you from the ITC session she, and her friends did with flashlights. Many of the priests are still there--and they're self-conscious about being ridiculed which our EVP analyst, and myself discovered during a ghost box session in the attic. I had difficulty breathing while reading a Catholic prayer of universal redemption, and I don't think it's a coincidence.

In fine, Sedamsville Rectory needs to be handled with great care. It's not the type of investigation that you do for the fun of it, and the more experience you have, the better your chances. I went back for the research, and only the research. The risks are enormous. The least of these being the ability that demonic entities have for following a person home.”

And, we recently received this letter from a group that investigated last week.

Letter from Carla...


Thanks for the opportunity to investigate the rectory in Sedamsville. My group and I had so much happen that I don't even know where to start.

We were wondering if anyone has ever got hit or slapped there that you know of? The building was quiet for the first two hours of our hunt. I know the history and it bother me maybe more than the others because my brother and I were both victims of sexual abuse as kids.

I wasn't saying anything, but I was thinking bad things. Not even things about the rectory. I was thinking about the person that hurt my brother and me. Thinking about things I don't normally think of anymore. Everyone else was sitting on the floor of the “creep room” with a rem-pod out in the hallway and recorders on the floor near us.

It seemed quiet then you could tell the energy changed. No one was provoking. They were just asking questions. But in my mind, I was thinking about my brother and I, and trying not to cry about it, thinking of what happened to the boys at the rectory too.

Jessica commented that the energy had changed. We all agreed. It got icy cold, even the temp gauges registered a ten degree drop.

I think we heard that growl. It was outside, down the hall and very loud. After the growl, we smelled a stench. Smelled sorta like meat that has been left in the fridge way too long. There was five of us and we got up to see where the growl was (we thought) and the smell was even stronger at the end of the hallway by the small priest room.

I was really just going through the motions, because I was really thinking of my brother and what happened to us, and how sadistic someone has to be to abuse a child like that.

I was standing there looking over Bill's shoulder into the priest room when I got slapped hard across my face. Took my breath away. Everyone turned and looked at me. I was standing there with my hand against my face. I couldn't believe that I had just been slapped. I've been doing this over 15 years and never had so much as a poke or scratch and now I got slapped!!!

That's when all hell seemed to break loose. The door downstairs slammed shut hard. We all jumped and I was still standing there nursing my face. Bill went down to see what door had slammed. It was the door between the parlor and living room. We could hear the rem-pod down there going off and then the other rem-pod in the kitchen go off like whatever it was was moving around.

My sister Diane stayed with me because I was just floored, my face stung and I was in a bit of shock. The others ran down to try and follow the activity. The smell was gone in the hallway now. The K2 meters were going nuts. Sara swore she saw a black mass blocking the light where the door cross is. Even the strobe lights were going off.

Whatever it was eluded us. I don't remember too much because we went to the bathroom to look at me face. There was red marks left on my face where I had been slapped. And, later when we listened to a recording from the room across the hall, you could here me gasp from being slapped and then a Class A EVPs said, “You like it” and “bitch.”

I know you and Tim have had issues there, physical attacks and the negative presence there was overpowering and terrifying. I fully appreciate why you don't like to go back there.

We've been to locations all across the US and Canada. We'd get excited if the K2 blinked or we caught a few EVP's, but nothing prepared us for the things that happened at the rectory that night.

We were all getting so spooked that we went outside and stood by our cars. Among some serious swearing and disbelief, Bill was the first to say, “What the f*** just happened in there?”

We're just not accustomed to paranormal activity of the caliber we ran into at the rectory. And, before writing this I read back over your blogs. And, through the guest book, which was absolutely FULL of stories from people that have visited the rectory. I noticed you had to get a new guest book because the other one was full. Investigators know that activity doesn't happen on command, but this place was the real deal for us and we are ESTATIC!

For whatever reason, some people do have quiet nights there. There is no explanation for it. But, you can tell it's made believers out of so many and from what I read many have had life altering experiences at the rectory. I know I'm one of them.

I don't think you can deny a place that has consistently affected so many people in such similar ways. The stories, the experiences. We're so excited to come back. We drove all the way from Minnesota and just can't wait to come back.

Of all the places we've been, this has been the most active. It was thrilling and terrifying at the same time. And, that growl and the smell? The detectors going off. We were scrambling from room to room chasing whatever it was.

That's the true version of a ghost HUNT.

I got slapped. Smacked my head back. I've no idea why other than I was thinking about the abuse on a deeply personal level. I zoned out I was so deep in thought. But, as scary as that moment was? I can't wait to come back.

We've already caught more EVP's in the rectory than we have in any other location.

I know you guys don't like going there, we understand. But, we really appreciate you giving us the chance as paranormal investigators to follow our passion into the unknown and the rectory did not disappoint us at all. You guys just need to stay safe and the place is beautiful.

So much happened that night. I could go on and on. But, the slapping thing I just had to write to you about. We're going to write more later when we finish going over our evidence.

Thanks and see you again soon!

Rochester, MN


Till next time, be safe.