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Land of Illusion

Land of Illusion by Terrie M. Scott, October 8, 2013

Terrie M ScottHey everyone! How are you enjoying your October thus far? I love October. It's without a doubt my favorite month of the year. The trees are gorgeous, the temperature is just right, Krispy Kreme has their pumpkin spice donuts out, Kings Island has “Fear Fest” open till 1am where you can ride the BEAST and take in the haunts, as well as all the spooky attractions that are open, such as “Land of Illusion” in Middletown, Lewisburg Haunted Cave, Dent Schoolhouse, and so many more. Of course, Halloween!!! BEST time of a year.

I bet all the other months are jealous of October.

Haunted attractions are cool and fun to go too, but they aren't quite the same as a real haunting. I was at Fear Fest recently... Waited over two hours for one of the haunted attractions to have people jump out and scream in my face through dry ice...

I frowned at them. Thought to myself, “Is that really the best you can do?” Not to take anything away from King's Island Amusement Parks “Fear Fest” because it is without a doubt a great way to end the Autumn season on the world's best roller coasters with zombies tromping around... I have loved it for years. Loved taking my girls there too when they were growing up.


We've been to the “Land of Illusions” haunted attractions (my girls and I) many times too. This year they even have a zombie run where you can ride around on the back of a truck and paint ball the crap out of zombies attacking you from all angles. Now how cool is that? (shameless plug for THE WALKING DEAD: Season 4 premiere October 13th)

I guess I just have a different perspective now. Fear Fest used to actually scare me a bit, when it was really really scary. Haunted houses in general - back in the day - when the haunted folks could actually touch you and grab you.

I remember my Aunt Carol getting pinned in the corner by some giant ape when I was around 10 yrs old and the pack of werewolves pawing at me when I ran into a corner... When they were allowed to bring you to within an inch of your life because you were so utterly terrified. People would faint, literally faint from fear... The good old days.

Now, things are pretty tame in comparison to the old days. But, there are still a few stand outs that are worth going to in my area. I mentioned a few above. There are others.

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the “Land of Illusions” actually did a write up on the Sedamsville Rectory. I'm going to share it below.

I'm also sharing a couple of recent emails from guests of the Rectory.

Brenda with Paragon Ghost Hunters Paranormal from Indiana shared this with us:

“Thank you for allowing us to come in and investigate your place. It was very active. We heard footsteps in the upstairs hallway but when we went up there, no one there. Ryan and I heard a door slam open from the upstairs bathroom between the two bedrooms. The door was open and it sounded like someone pushed it open farther. After checking every door upstairs, that one was the closest sound. Melissa and I heard like a crowd of people talking in the room of the basement where the dogfights were held. We heard a disembodied woman's voice down there saying, "who's there?" Which we caught on audio. I think I caught a partial apparition on film. Its two arms folded and I can make out shoulders, but can't see the head/face or the legs. Its just torso.

“Ryan was feeling fine when he got there, but he ended up laying on the downstairs couch all night because every time he sat up he felt nauseous and sick. And he said that when he slept, he had dreams of someone standing over him looking down at him. Melissa went to go upstairs that one time with the laser grid, got to the bottom of the stairs and heard a growl. The next morning, Ryan felt fine. But Melissa and I were so tired and drained we couldn't hardly function (which has never happened to me before. Usually I'm good after a few hours of sleep.)”

“...That place is everything you guys and Zak, Nick and Aaron said it was. So thanks for having a place that finally gave me good evidence of the paranormal.”

This had been Brenda and her teams first visit to the Rectory. In a later email she added:

“Since I wrote you last, I've listened to more of the evps. And one file was when Melissa and I were sitting in the 'creepy' room (I think that's the room that GAC took that picture of the demon). Its that room upstairs by the back stairs and attic stairs, and I caught footsteps on the audio recorder out in the upstairs hallway. Also, caught somebody whistling out in the hallway. A lot of banging in the hallway too. I know I caught a picture of someone standing there with there arms folded, but do you think I can find the picture again.

“I'm real glad I have a new team instead of the one I was part of. Because they were not experienced in paranormal investigating and they would not have been able to handle that.” (re: the Sedamsville Rectory)

Below is a message I received earlier today from Traci, an investigator from Ludlow, KY. She has been to the Rectory more than once. Her team conducted an investigation last weekend.

She wrote: “Terrie - I was waiting to get a copy of the photograph that the psychic took. It speaks for itself. In the photo, you see someone dressed like a monk, elevated above the front porch, and there’s no way it can be called matrixing, or gestalt…it’s not a misperception…it’s a monk, and he appears to be defying gravity. Three people became ill for unknown reasons that night. Because of the number, and considering where we were, I believe it was demonic oppression. As soon as we finish reviewing all of the SHP photographic, and video evidence, we’ll put together another packet for you. In the greek parlance, that place fulfills the definition of adeo domos in every sense of the word—it’s a House from Hell, and in my opinion it’s inimical to human life.”

Here's what the “Land of Illusion” had to say about the Sedamsville Rectory:

True Haunted House: Sedamsville, Ohio’s Rectory

“Some haunted places have so much history of haunting that they cannot be ignored. That is definitely the case with the Sedamsville Rectory, right down the road in Cincinnati. The stories of physical attacks on visitors are quite compelling. The rectory used to house priests for the adjacent church, and as the story goes, one priest abused and molested children…. A horrible story no doubt, and not any better is the history of dog fighting around the same time.

All of that negative energy stuck to the property and torments even the current owners today. It is no open to the public for obvious reasons, but the owners, who are attempting to renovate the property, do make available access for paranormal investigators.

It seems every “ghost hunter” from all over the country is chomping at the bit to get in to this place. Like the world-famous Bobby Mackey’s Music World, the Sedamsville Rectory has also been featured on several cable network television shows. Just about everyone who’s spent a significant amount of time in the place has experienced something out of the ordinary, many have been attacked, scratched or bitten.

This story has so much intrigue around it because of the sheer volume and consistency of evidence. A quick Google search for “Sedamsville Rectory” will bring up page after page of people telling their stories about their experiences at the haunted house, and there is a consistent theme among them. There’s the usual doors opening and closing on their own, which you’d expect from any haunted house, but the fact that nearly all of them mention hearing dogs growling and in the same place is hard to ignore.

Also, whenever there is physical contact it is the same; scratches that burn and leave welts and bites. Scratching seems to be popular method of attach at haunts, but the bites are unique. Given the history of terror toward children and dogs, the stories match the history.

Some REALLY interesting stories about the Sedamsville Rectory, and not a place to be taken lightly. The owners are still attempting to renovate the property but evidently are having a hard time keeping volunteers, because of the nastiness of the haunting.”

Thanks guys, we appreciate the comments!!

I used to love going to these haunted attractions, but they just don't hold the same appeal to me anymore after all the terror I've experienced firsthand at the Sedamsville Rectory.

It spoils your ability to just laugh after you've had something grab you in the dark. Suddenly, the demon in the latex mask snarling from behind the curtain isn't so scary anymore, when you've had something leave a bite mark on you in the real world or you hear that blasted growling in your ear, and unless the animal is 6 ft tall? It's not a cute puppy.

Remember what Dan Akroyd's character said at the end of the “Twilight Zone” movie after they loaded John Lithgow into the ambulance? “Do you want to see something really scary?”

And, why do we go to haunted attractions? Is it fun to be scared? Why is Halloween so popular? Blood, guts, ghouls, goblins, creepy crawlers delight us all. We're paying to have people dress up in costumes and scare the beejeesus out of us! Aren't we? I loved it as much as you do, I'm sure.

Guess I've just lost my taste for it. It's just not so funny anymore.

I started watching that TV series “American Horror Story” this week, Season One. In Season One, the family moves into a haunted mansion where everyone that died there STILL resides there, basically.

Is it disturbing that I can identify with so much of what I see in that show?

The Sedamsville Rectory is NOT the “Land of Illusion.” It's the real deal.

Just a reminder - there are still a few tickets left for HALLOWEEN HORROR 3 at the Sedamsville Rectory this month. Go to for more information!

Till next time. Be safe.

Halloween Horror

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