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GHOST ADVENTURES: REVISITED by Terrie M. Scott, September 29th, 2013

Terrie M ScottEvery once in awhile, someone leaves a post about seeing about GHOST ADVENTURES episode from Season 7 October 2012 re-air on the Travel Channel.

I always think to myself, “That's nice.” But, I don't rush to the TV to catch it for myself. As a matter of fact, other than when it actually aired? I have only watched our episode twice and that was over a year ago.

So, last night when a friend posted that our episode was on... I reluctantly decided to REVISIT our time spent with the GHOST ADVENTURES crew – Zak, Nick and Aaron.

I saw on the program guide that our episode was re-airing at 2am. Do I open that door and take a peek or not? It's been so long...

I was hoping I would be able to handle it better. I can assure you that as intense as this episode appears to be? It's nothing to what it was like to actually BE THERE and be a part of the exorcism on the property. The experience was quite different in person. Very disturbing.

How bad can it be after all this time, right? Hmpf. 

The episode begins. I'm reminded of the raw emotion and fear I felt at the time discussing the hold that place had on us both. The energy draining from ourTerrie M Scott and Zak Bagans bodies, the oppression... the dread and feeling of being taunted.

There I am. Yup, that's me. Weird seeing yourself on TV. Then, I see my Dad. I tell one of my dogs (Capone), “That's my Dad.” Then, soon “That's my Mom.” As if Capone cares, but it was weird seeing my parents on TV. He just looked at me with his big brown eyes.

I know what happened to my Dad in the basement concerned my parents a great deal. And, I know they didn't like me being at the Rectory.

Then, Zak was talking to me in private outside. I didn't even know the cameras were rolling. He was talking to me about confronting whatever was tormenting us in the Rectory.

I remember my reluctance to move forward with bringing another priest in, because the shaman and the Catholic blessing only seemed to make matters worse inside the building.

Zak called me that evening on my cell phone to discuss my concerns. After we spoke on the phone for awhile, I agreed to move forward with having another priest come in to attempt an exorcism on the building.

Definitely into uncharted territories now.

The energy in the Rectory that evening was so powerful. We all felt it. Whatever entity was there? Did not like what was happening.

Father Ashcraft was very kind and concerned for all of us. I remember in the basement as he spoke, the light fixture hanging in the room behind him started swinging back and forth, back and forth almost in time with his words. When he stopped talking? The light stopped swinging. I remember thinking to myself how terrifying that was. His words were affecting something inside the building.

So, I'm sitting at home right now, after a couple of hours ago watching this episode. It's intense. I had conveniently forgotten how INTENSE this episode really was. Again, pales in comparison to what actually happened there. Remember it's hours and hours condensed into a 43 minute episode, but I think they did an amazing job of telling the story and sharing what we all experienced.

All I kept thinking as I watched the episode was how terrifying it was. Seeing Tim get all weird-ed out and sick. Remembering how concerned I was that he wasn't driving me home in the frame of mind he was in, worried about bringing the nastiness back to my own home.

Made me kind of sad, watching it all again. It's just a TV show to all of you. But, it's very real for us. It gave me the chills to watch it again.

Tim was so angry at the priest. He just wasn't himself at all. And, again the negative energy was so strong.

Fast forward to when we're all standing outside of the Rectory looking at it from the street, driven out by what was happening inside.

It was one of those surreal moments I will NEVER forget. We were all just ... Standing there in shock of everything that had just happened.

I had forgotten just how intense that moment was, how scared I was.

So much energy that night. Then, the next night – my Dad part of their investigation to see if the exorcism helped.

Then, the full spectrum shots taken in the creepy room where Zak and Billy felt the icy breeze on such a hot summer night. They felt so much negative energy.

THE PHOTO. Shot one, clear. Shot two, clear. Shot three, clear. Shot four? What the heck is that standing by Billy's arm?? Shot five, clear. SHOT FOUR? OMG. I remember when they called Tim and I into the truck to show us. And, seeing that hideous figure on TV an hour ago? Geez. I HATE the thought that that THING is roaming the floors of the Rectory making toys out of us. What the hell is that thing????

Yeah, that's not a good thing. Small Hobbit sized demonic troll looking things? Not good. I mean, ugly and scary. That wasn't a ghost. That was something - something else.

I finished watching the episode after not watching it for nearly a year feeling unsettled and reminded of why I rarely set foot in the Rectory anymore.

In conclusion, I sincerely appreciate the GHOST ADVENTURES guys (Zak, Aaron, Nick, Billy and crew) coming in and treating us (and my parents) with the utmost respect. And, I sincerely appreciate dear friends Patrick Burns and Marley Gibson for trekking to Ohio to share their personal experiences for the episode also. They've had some serious things happen to them while investigating the Rectory.

And, special thanks to Father Ashcraft for having all of our best interest in mind and offering to help us. And, of course, my parents were on TV. How cool was that? I never ever in a million years thought my parents would end up on a paranormal show... I feel bad they had to experience the truly dark side of the Rectory. And, appreciate their willingness to open up and share their experiences too.

What was it like seeing myself on TV again after nearly a year since this episode aired? Reminded me to be weary of that place. A healthy respect to stay a safe distance away. It sucks you in – I'm glad Tim and I hardly go there anymore. Leave it to the serious investigators to uncover what's going on there. It's not someplace to just lounge around and fluff pillows at.

Serious investigators only.

This was only one side of the coin. Mine. So, I asked Tim to watch last night also and see what he thought since neither one of us has watched the episode since it originally aired.

“What was it like for you seeing this episode again?” I asked him.

“Actually, it seems a little more intense to me this time watching it a second time and I still don't remember anything that happened after we went down into the basement with Father Ashcraft.,” he said.

“How did it make you feel, seeing it again,” I asked Tim.

“Well, it just kinda goes back to validating everything. But I don't understand how they only came out with one EVP the next night when every other group gets so many.”

I told Tim that I think so much energy was used up during Father Ashcraft's exorcism that the place seemed almost dormant the next night, but clearly it wasn't. I reminded Tim that there were strange noises when Billy and Zak went upstairs and Billy was chasing a shadow for quite some time and THEN they caught that picture of that horrible thing.

“What did you think seeing that picture again?”

“It terrified me. There's something there and it's imprinted in my brain. It was a demon. That's what I saw. And the bites that were on me? The mouth on that thing? Matches those bite marks, the football shaped bites on my back. Scares the hell out of me,” he said.

* * *

SUCH A DARK PLACE - the Sedamsville Rectory. The pain and anguish those children and animals must have felt. So incredibly sad.

Evil has truly taken root in that place.

After watching myself on TV again, was I excited? No. I felt sad, actually. Not like it was some SciFi thriller with me co-starring with the ROCK or Chris Hemsworth (THOR). GHOST ADVENTURES at Sedamsville Rectory was a SERIOUS show, with SERIOUS consequences and REAL people. It doesn't end for us at the commercial break.

So the show made me feel sad. I reflected on the past year, the past THREE years at the Sedamsville Rectory. My God, what a tough time it has been. It just turned our lives upside down and inside out.

I'm not stupid. I know my own personal issues only served as a beacon for the evil inside. Getting out of a 27 year bad marriage, the struggle with the legal system, the move, the ESCAPE, finding myself fighting for me freedom.

Said the spider to the fly... As strong as my faith in God is? I'm still only human and the couple of years have really taken a heavy toll on me. A person can only take so much.

I can't believe the terrible things that have taken place at the Rectory and no, we were not aware of any of these things prior to beginning renovations. None of its dark history was disclosed to us.

Who would want to move in there if they knew the truth? Can you just set aside the torment of those dozens of innocent boys that were molested there in the 1950's and 60's? A man of God betraying these children? Can you look the other way knowing the physical and emotional torture the dogs in the basement withstood before their deaths?

Sometimes evil takes a foothold in places. I know the Sedamsville Rectory is one of those places where evil has pulled up a chair to stay awhile.

It all just makes me so sad.

It's a sick twisted place with layers upon layers of bad things. If you go there and don't catch any EVP's? Then you just aren't listening closely enough, because the SEDAMVILLE RECTORY *loves* to TALK.

It wants to be HEARD.

Terrie M Scott on Ghost Adventures