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THE CONJURING WE GO! Hi Ho the Demon Oh!

THE CONJURING WE GO! Hi Ho the Demon Oh! by Terrie M. Scott, July 18, 2013

Terrie M ScottTHE CONJURING WE GO! The Conjuring we go! Hi Ho the Demon Oh! The Conjuring we go!

Everyone sing along!!! Sing to the tune of "A Hiking We Will Go." Trust me, it will get stuck in your head. You can thank me later.

I was already having a particularly bad day yesterday. A stack of paperwork to fill out that even DaVinci himself could not translate. More absurdity from our legal system. The wheels of our justice system spinning ever so slowly like we're in Bedrock and not the space age.

So, the first thing I did when I sat down for last night's screening of THE CONJURING was order a Miller Lite. I thought it best that I cool my jets a bit... I didn't want to be the only one in the theater laughing hysterically at a movie that is not intended to be funny. 

The Conjuring is based on a true story. But, you already knew that.

Development of the film began over 20 years ago when paranormal investigator Ed Warren played a tape of Warren's original interview with Carolyn Perron (the home owner) for producer Tony DeRosa-Grund. It took 14 years to get this picture off the ground, but it should do well at the box office, because if Hollywood has taught us anything? People love to be scared.

Horror films in recent years have centered on exorcisms, possessions and children in peril, and The Conjuring works in elements of all three.

I loved the way this film was shot. It takes place in the 70's and you got that feeling. It was like watching an episode of “The Brady Bunch,” but scarier. It wasn't flashy. The colors where washed out and it really gave that authentic feel.

It was stylish in its simplicity. The camera doesn't just follow, it stalks. It peers, pursues, intrudes, and it never seems to let up. The Conjuring succeeds because of all that anticipation of dreaded things to come, without resorting to gore or becoming sadistic. It puts the “terror” back into terrified.

It's creepy and the story is told in a way to build suspense. It's just a very effective old-school horror story.

Okay? Tim and I saw this movie together. We had a personal interest in it, obviously.

He thought it was “Awesome.”

I looked at him and said, “ 'The Hobbit' was awesome. 'The Avengers' was awesome. I don't think I'd describe 'The Conjuring' as “awesome.' Scary and disturbing, yes.”

I left the movie last night all fired up to write this blog. But, then I was not sure which direction I wanted to go – serious or humor. I'll incorporate both, because I certainly mean no disrespect to the family involved or the team of paranormal investigators that dealt with this particular case. So, please keep that in mind. Humor is a coping mechanism for me. I don't want to diminish or trivialize the events that took place there or the impact it has had on all of their lives, to this day I am sure.

Obviously, we could relate to this movie. And, I think it helped me convince Tim to let the Rectory go.

I would like the Rectory doors to be closed forever. It should be. Bye, bye bad place. I'll give some lighthearted comments now since I know this film has been eagerly anticipated by so many of you.

What The Conjuring has taught me...

Don't ever play “hide and clap” in a haunted place.
Don't ever play with someone else's toys.
Don't ever keep an armoire that was previously owned.
Stay away from creepy dolls, but I already knew that too. Are Boyd's Bears safe?
Don't ever look into mirrors at haunted places.
Some hauntings are like gum, they stick to you.
John Zaffis isn't the only haunted collector.
To escape possession just think happy thoughts.

Dark entities attach themselves to you. They beat you down, ruin your life and then take over completely. You have to fight with everything you have. I already knew that too, but it was nice to be reminded.

I wonder if Furniture Fair sells chairs that levitate? Might come in handy getting down those cobwebs.


Infestation? Check
Oppression? Check

While in the theater, I did immediately turn to Tim and ask him if some crazy, deranged witch had ever jumped on top of him and spewed muck in his mouth... Other than his ex wife that is. He said no.

Phew. Dodged that bullet. I told him to let me know if that ever happens. Better keep that shovel handy in case I have to pop him in the head. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie.

I'm an extremely faith based person. Tim not so much. I believe this tends to be his undoing. I'm not saying he doesn't have faith, but when you punish yourself, you invite inhuman things to join in the bashing. I think to keep these things from engulfing you completely you have to forgive yourself and have faith in God. You have to fight back. You can't just say a prayer and make this stuff go away. It's not that simple.

It's a constant fight... a fight for your soul.

Anyone that doesn't believe that? Good luck to you. Because some of the things we've witnessed in the Sedamsville Rectory? Some of the hideous things we've seen? Well, my dear friends? It's not the freaking tooth fairy.

The darkness they showed and how it was devoid of all light was spot on? Recalling that time standing in the doorway of the prayer room when no light could be seen, not even the glow of the street lights outside. As if someone had draped a heavy black curtain in front of me. Happens quite often. The dark mass moving around. Others have seen it moving in the basement while standing at the top of the stairs.

Side note: Last week, when I had to go to the Rectory to help Tim with something in the basement, we set up a series of those strobe motion detectors. Our crude early warning system. Well, it worked. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

Pop, pop, pop, pop the lights flashed on starting from the other side of the basement where the dog cage is and coming towards us back by the boiler room. The final strobe light flashed on and then all the basement lights went off in unison. We were in the basement, no light whatsoever.

Holy Sh*t!!!! I whispered to Tim, “Something's in here with us,” as I grabbed my cell phone to use the flashlight app. We both just stood there, frozen in place, in the pitch darkness. The room got ice cold. Seemed like a few minutes, but it probably was only a minute. Finally, the lights flickered back on. The air got warmer and Tim started complaining about feeling sick. Okay, time to go. Repairs can wait. When he says he's starting to feel sick, it's time to leave. Cough up that fur ball, baby!

Continuing on with The Conjuring

Being told “it” wants you dead... ? Yeah, we hear that a lot. Charming. People send us EVP's of some disembodied voice saying it wants Tim and/or Terrie dead.

In the film, they put bells on the doors. I like the idea of hanging bells on the door handles. I liked that idea a lot actually and suggested to Tim that we do that at the Rectory.

The picture frames being knocked off the wall? It's happened several times and they've actually warped. Frames have been broken. And, we don't mean knocked off after a group was in. We mean when no one was there. Pictures knocked off, crucifixes on the floor. Mostly just the religious décor knocked about.

The smell of rotting meat? Oh boy. Where's my can of Lysol?

I've been pushed, almost pushed down the stairs, but I've never been dragged by my hair or pulled off the couch... If that ever happens you'll see me running up the street like the Road Runner.

Things, people or pets being moved to another section of the house or even hurt? Uh yeah. That's one of those things we don't talk about. But, yes.

I can tell you this. It's not too serious. Creepy, but... There was a stuffed bunny holding a baby bunny down in the basement when we first got the keys to the Rectory. Decent sized stuffed animal. Fairly big brown bunny with floppy ears. Hadn't seen one like it before. It was not an Easter type toy. This was a child's every day toy. It hadn't been touched in years and was covered in cobwebs, dirt.

Soon after we began renovation of the property, we found the bunny in the pantry. Opened the door to get some tools and their it was. A quick check with everyone and no one admitted to having moved the bunny from the basement to the pantry. Not funny, right?

We left it in the pantry. But, a few weeks later when it was just Tim and I and everyone else had quit because of all the creepy stuff? The bunny was sitting on the floor of the creepy room. Tim accused me and I accused him. We were still in our “This is all BS” phase and skeptic / non-believers – whatever label you want to use.

I said, “Fine, let's just get rid of it then.” No argument from Tim, so we put it in a garbage bag and dropped it in the dumpster on the way to the car. Problem solved.

Back in those early months, we furnished the Rectory with a lot of things from estate sales and thrift stores. On one such occasion, we were walking through St. Vincent DePaul's thrift store in Mason. Rounded a corner and there was that stuffed bunny in a tote full of miscellaneous toys. Sitting loosely on top, as if it had just been placed there. What are the odds of the exact same stuffed animal? Strange, but a coincidence to be sure. Or so we thought. We both just remarked how creepy that was and kept walking.

This was also when we were going to the Rectory every single day to do restoration work. A few days after seeing the bunny at the Thrift Store, it showed up in the Rectory again. Tim and I actually had a pretty heated argument about it. I thought he was just messing with me. He swears he didn't bring it back.

We were being given a tour of the church one afternoon and there was an old St. Vincent DePaul offering box at the back. Another strange coincidence.

We were using the buddy system because of the suitcase moving a lot, so we both came and went together. Next time we came to the Rectory, the stupid bunny was gone again. We couldn't find it anywhere this time. It showed up back in the pantry a few visits later. We have never touched it again. We just leave it there.

It's not malevolent. It's not leaving rabbit droppings around the Rectory or leaving us messages written in crayon. It just moves. Occasionally. And, then comes back. It just belongs there, I guess. We've just accepted it. Buried into the back of our minds because so many other scarier things have happened.

So, you'll enjoy the movie. It's good. But, as I have said in other blogs - this stuff DOES stick with you. Paranormal parasites.

Going off to think some happy thoughts... just in case.

The Conjuring.