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The SMELL of FEAR by Terrie M. Scott, April 28, 2013

Terrie M ScottWe've all heard that expression - The smell of fear. We've seen nasty creatures in movies say they can smell fear on us. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

I'm not talking about THAT kind of fear. I'm talking about what FEAR actually smells like? In other words... smells that instill fear in us.

Smells that are indicative of things we can not readily understand. Smells that are commonly associated with negative energies, such a sulfur, rotting flesh, raw sewage... Things you shouldn't be smelling when you walk into a room.

Of course, don't be an alarmist. If you walk into your home and smell rotting flesh, use some common sense and try to debunk the smell. Make sure “Rocky” the Squirrel (from Rocky & Bullwinkle) is not trapped in your walls, slowing fading away into smelly rotting dust pile. Yuck. Squirrels, mice and raccoons can end up in walls, crawl spaces and attics and sometimes they get trapped there. It's not a pleasant smell. 

Or if you smell raw sewage, check all your bathrooms and septic systems before calling a demonologist, you might just need Roto-Rotor.

And, if it's sulfur you smell? Make sure your neighbor's kid isn't practicing erupting their volcano for a school Science project before calling in a team of ghost hunters.

Or the smell of rotten eggs? Well, I love to cook and I'm actually quite a good cook. However, there have been a few times when I have gotten so distracted that I forgot I was boiling eggs on the stove. Quite some time later my daughters or I would comment, “What's that horrible smell?”

Low and behold, the water had completely evaporated out of the pot I was boiling eggs in and the eggs themselves had burnt so badly that they literally exploded like missiles, some catapulting 7-8 feet across the kitchen. What a mess! It stunk up the house for days...

So before you have your home exorcized? Check the stove.

When you've eliminated all the obvious sources of the smell? Well, then you might have to address the unexplained.

Phantom scents. We've all heard about this. The faint whiff of perfume or pipe smoke... reminding us of a loved one passed away or the smell of flowers drifting into a room where no flowers exist. Although I would ask if someone sprayed air freshener first before associating it with dear departed Auntie May.

When no explanation can be found? That's a strong argument for the SMELL of FEAR. Something bad has entered your domain and THAT SMELL is its CALLING CARD.

As I stated in a previous blog, Tim will Facetime's me when he goes to the Rectory when I chose to stay safely at home. I am ”virtually” there via phone.

Three weeks ago, Tim complained that the 2nd floor of the Rectory smelled weird. Honestly, we dismissed it as perhaps the previous group had some odor issues (no offense) and I just asked him to spray with Fabreeze and strip the bed so I could wash all the bedding.

Tim didn't run into the street, waving his hands frantically screaming, “Demon!” just because the place smelled weird. I'd like to see video of that if he had, wouldn't you? Viral on YouTube. LOL

However, this past Thursday I agreed to go back to the Rectory with Tim, armed with Lysol,t o put the fresh bedding back on the bed. Lysol Disinfectant to kill the germs and strange odor. I care about how the Rectory looks and smells. Deal with it.

So we arrive at the Rectory and it was its usual creepy self. Tim said “Hello House,” when he walked in. I chose to be anti-social and said nothing. I was there to disinfect, nothing more.

The ground floor smelled the same way it always did. Nothing out of the ordinary. The fun began when we went upstairs. Tim had his digital recorder with him and he placed it on the railing leading down to the Servant's staircase, outside of the “creepy room” as we began going room to room disinfecting doorknobs, handles, etc.

I did not smell anything unusual until I stepped into the “creepy room” and was hit with a putrid odor. I put my hand to cover my nose and asked, “What's the awful smell?”

I immediately started spraying Lysol disinfectant spray in the air, circling the “creepy room” like some mad house wife.

I asked Tim to check all the bathrooms, even the ones that were not working. It was such a foul odor. I stepped back into the hallway. Nothing. Isn't that odd? Like the odor stopped at the door. How is that even possible?

Stepped back into the “creepy room.” Foul smell.

I said, “It smells fine out in the hallway and reeks in here!”

We immediately crossed the hall into the Servant's Quarter bathroom, surely someone must have clogged the toilet.

Now, here's the really weird part. Not only was the toilet fine, but the bathroom did NOT smell either. It smelled perfectly normal. So, I said to Tim that maybe it was one of the other bathrooms on the 2nd floor, maybe one of the investigators tried to use a bathroom that was not functional.

We headed back up the hallway and into the bedroom where the king size bed is. We both stopped in our tracks. It stunk in there too. We just look at each other, stepped back into the hallway. Fresh and clean and then back into the bedroom where the smell was putrid.

I started spraying the room. Maybe you investigators should arm yourselves with Lysol as part of your ghost hunting equipment.

Tim went to check the bathroom between the two bedrooms, the one that is not functional. I followed close behind. This bathroom was fine also. No smell, no strange odors whatsoever.

“Okay, this is weird,” I told Tim. He agreed, of course.

We stepped into the priest room – the one with the twin size bed. Oh my God, the smell was strong enough to make you gag.

Smelled like sulfur or rotten eggs, I thought. What the heck, right? Tim thought it smelled like rotting meat. I was spraying frantically again, trying to freshen the air. I even turned on the ceiling fan to help circulate the air.

We hurried out into the hallway where once again the air was perfectly fresh smelling. We hurried into the prayer room to check that bathroom, which is also non functioning. The room itself stank, but the bathroom attached to the room was fine and unused. Only the room itself smelled bad. I sprayed my Lysol and we stepped outside the room into the hallway and just stood there for a few moments.

So we have every bedroom on the 2nd floor reeking to high heaven (no pun intended) one smelled of sulfur, the other three bedrooms reeked of some foul, putrid odor. ONLY the bedrooms smelled bad. The hallway and every single bathroom was perfectly fine.

That made ZERO sense. Just out of curiosity, I walked back into the “creepy room.” I could still smell the stench over the smell of the Lysol. I sprayed again and ran down to get the Fabreeze and started saturating the couch with it also.

How was the smell contained to only those four bedrooms? You'd think it would have drifted into the hallway or bathrooms, but it had not. The easiest explanation would have been the bathrooms were backed up, raw sewage perhaps?

Was this the SMELL of paranormal? Tim even walked around outside and found no source for the phantom smells.

We didn't stay much longer. Tim grabbed his digital recorder and we listened to it in the car, plugged into the stereo system.

You hear us walking around and then you hear me saying “What's the awful smell?” and then the hiss hiss hiss from the disinfectant spray.

About 40 seconds later on the playback, we hear me commenting on the smell again and then a third voice says ”I hate that smell, hate it hate it."

Tim practically drove off the road again. It sounded like the same voice that gave us our first EVP two years ago, the “nighty night Rose Pike” EVP of the elderly man.

We continued listening to Tim's recorded and you could hear us further up the hallway in one of the other bedrooms and then clear as day into the recorder we heard - -”hate it hate it" - -

I guess whoever or whatever it was did not like the smell of the Lysol. It was really weird but clear as day. Well, I can't stand the smell of the Lysol either, but then again I'm not reaching from beyond the grave or whatever to complain about it either.

When Tim when back this week to meet some people? The smells were gone.

We've been told that scent is one of the most common indicators of a manifestation. Of course, when I got home I did some research to try and understand what we had just experienced. Granted, when Father Ashcraft performed the exorcism during the GHOST ADVENTURES filming, we ALL smelled the sulfur.

I wanted to understand and what I learned was that according to folklore, some entities manifest an array of phantom smells. For example, demonic or evil entities are believed to make their presence known with a foul smell, such as sulfur, rotting flesh, and even feces. Hmm, might explain what we were smelling.

And, some entities of once living human beings tend to give off very human smells, such as a favorite cologne or perfume, cooking smells, and the smells associated with favorite smoking devices. Interesting. It does make sense that an entity would use scent to make its presence known, because scent is our strongest link to recall memory. Smells can evoke emotions and bring up memories in a way that other senses simply cannot. However, it is important to rule out natural causes before phantom smells are classified as paranormal, as I stated earlier.

To my knowledge, there is no medium or psychic that specialized in “smelling the dead.” Can you imagine that? Walking through a house sniffing the air like a golden retriever? “I smell dead people!”

I don't see or smell dead people, so I can't say with any certainty what caused the foul odors we encountered. We found no dead animals trapped inside or around the building, no issues with heating. It was warm outside and the heating units had actually been off for a couple of weeks. Windows all nailed shut. Trashes were all emptied. No food whatsoever inside the building.

And why manifest yourself as a smell? Getting bored with scratching, shoving and whispering into our recorders? Decided to skunk us out next? Hmm, well I bought another can of Lysol so I suggest you prepare yourself.

I'm not trying to be apathetic, but I remember thinking to myself, “Really? You're just going to bombard us with a nasty smell?” I've raised two kids and I rescue animals, bring it on. Smells don't scare me. I'll just stop by the store and stock up on some more air freshener.

I SMELL a disturbance in the Force... Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're our only hope.

That's not the sound of a light saber buzzing – it's the hiss of Lysol!

On a personal note, today is my daughter's 24th birthday! Happy Birthday, Ashlee!

Till next time.


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