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Paranormal Parasite

PARANORMAL PARASITE by Terrie M. Scott, April 8, 2013.

Terrie ScottAs guests of the Sedamsville Rectory know, I have all but removed myself as a physical presence from that place. I have done so for my own mental, emotional and physical well being.

I have been a science nerd and logical minded person my entire life. Actually, received the only “A” in my LOGIC professor's teaching history in college. But, after my involvement with the Sedamsville Rectory I see things in a different light. Things are not black and white. There is a definite gray area which science can not explain away.

I truly believe that when we took over the Sedamsville Rectory, which had been empty for quite some time, that when we began renovation of the property we stirred up things that had perhaps been dormant.

And, I also truly believe that before long, Tim and I both suffered from attachments associated from the building. Once we began allowing investigators in, we were warned to tell whatever might be there to stay there, well that's great advice, but we had already been renovating for months before that advice landed at our ears.

What I can tell you, is that systematically our lives were shredded – every aspect of them: emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, relationship wise, health wise... you name it – as if we broke a hundred mirrors. No one can all of sudden be plagued with that much bad luck every single day, and yet we were. It grew worse with each passing day. Plagued by dark thoughts and night terrors.

Logic minded people don't point to a piece of land or building and place blame. But, it became evident that something was at work against us that we had no power over.

I've told this story before. Once I began to realize that the Sedamsville Rectory had something very dark there, I went into my denial period, playing my classical music, saying my prayers... Ignoring whatever was there.

Only after I was almost shoved down the stairs and my dad (a skeptic for 70 years) was scratched badly was I forced to face the fact that the Sedamsville Rectory would not be denied. It is not your normal haunt.

Unspeakable acts took place here – to children and to animals. The innocent suffered within its walls. No one can deny that it takes a monstrous black heart to do evil to children and animals. This has left a stain on this place. There is no doubt in my mind.

The more our lives fell apart as a result of renovating the property, the more I came to understand that I need to pull away. It consumes you, manipulates you, terrorizes you.

I have also made no secret that something followed me home. I deal with it every day. I can't begin to express how unnerving it is to have my security camera alarms go off when they detect motion INSIDE parts of my home where no one is... And, things go missing or move, or doors slam shut at 5am in the morning or whenever. It's just a part of my life now that I unwittingly subjected myself to simply by renovating a property that I had NO idea was a place where evil against children and animals once took place.

I'm an animal rescuer, my dogs get spooked. They'll stand up in unison, gather together and stare into an empty room, hair raised and just start growling like some CREEPY CANINE CHOIR at some unseen presence in the dark, followed by my motion sensors going off, although I see nothing on the camera monitors. Happens so often. Welcome to my NEW life.

That's what an attachment does to you or “paranormal parasite” as I like to call it.

I wonder if Home Depot sells “SPOOK-BE-GONE.”

It's so bad that I just stopped going to the Sedamsville Rectory. I used to be there for tours or at least still do renovation work.

I mean, I'm not stupid. It takes a truly ignorant person to continue to deny things are out of whack when there is no rational explanation for it. My Dad didn't scratch himself. I didn't shove myself. Tim was in front of me when he was attacked. 1+1 doesn't always add up to 2.

It's like being targeted. Tim and I were targeted. We went in there and stirred things up, by no fault of our own. We were just trying to restore the building. But, we were targeted.

I rarely go anymore. When I do, something happens.

As a matter of fact, those of you with Iphones? You know what Facetime is, right? Facetime allows you to have a video/audio connection with someone.

Tim does NOT go to the Rectory without Facetime-ing me. He pulls into the Sedamsville Rectory driveway, connects me to Facetime and I am with him visually and literally from the safety of my home. He takes me through every room, I help virtually clean and am with him every step of the way... He is NOT there alone. We have it down to an art form. I'll be reminding him to give the cats food and water, or put out a new roll of paper towels. I watch every move he makes. Occasionally, I see and hear things.

One time, Tim set the phone down on the hallway radiator and went outside to take care of the cats. He shut the door, I heard it slam shut, and for a brief while I was alone (virtually) in the Rectory. There is a red robe hanging on the coat rack. It started swinging back and forth. The hangar it was on started swinging back and forth.

I started calling out for Tim. But, of course, he couldn't hear me. He was outside and the door was closed. Finally I hear the door open and he picks up his phone. I'm frantic telling him the robe on the wall was just swinging back and forth. The place manages to scare me even when I am an hour away!

But, we depend on Facetime - he feels safer and I am safer not being there. Tim's not a scaredy cat, but he doesn't go inside without me being on the video call with him. Many times, things have happened that been frightening while he's been on the phone with me. Many times... The extreme measures we go through.

So those of you that get there early and have to wait for Tim to finish cleaning up? He's inside on Facetime with me. No exceptions, ever.

I am scared of the Sedamsville Rectory. I was reminded of that tonight when I watched a video submitted by Kevin Caldwell from ARC Paranormal. Kevin's been to the Sedamsville Rectory on several occasions. It was the noises and bangs they captured on camera when the place was vacant that really scared me.

I mean, logically, when a place is empty you don't expect to hear bangs or doors opening and closing from inside. It should be silent and it's easy enough to distinguish between noises inside and sounds coming from outside. It's the unexplained sounds and shuffles from inside when no one is in the building that alarm me. The voices, the growls...

We've talked about one day down the road hoping to set up a security camera system inside the building to monitor activity 24/7, one that records motion and sound.

It's such an interesting place. Sometimes it's in your face scary – the ruckus, the commotion you sometimes hear, the footsteps, the growls...

Other times, it seems quiet as a mouse... until you listen to your recordings and you hear voices...

One lady that just visited this past weekend, wrote to me about how two of her members experienced periods of rage at the Sedamsville Rectory. Much like what happened to Tim when the priest was present during the Ghost Adventures (GAC) filming. It seems like a possession, but what the priest told us that it's actually “oppression.” It does happen to people from time to time. I don't know why.

I'll never forget that image Zak from GHOST ADVENTURES caught on the full spectrum camera in the “creepy room.” That's just not normal. That flashes in my head every time Tim or I have to go into that room. Knowing whatever that thing is... is somewhere in that building. Maybe right beside us... Seriously? Just creepy.

I'll be glad when we have the technology to actually capture what our eyes do not see. So when we hear walking above our heads in the priest room, I can play back on a camera and see what is actually walking around there. Time streams overlapping, dimensions overlapping, realities overlapping... whatever plane paranormal activity falls into. And, I'd like to capture more footage that creepy little critter with horns and sharp teeth that GAC caught on camera. I just want to know what it is AND what it wants, and why it seems to get such enjoyment out of messing with people's lives.

Just like you... I want answers. Even though I don't want to actively investigate, I have been so affected by the Sedamsville Rectory. I will always want to understand what it is that caused so much trouble and terrorized me so much.

There are two things that I hold the most dear in this life – children and animals. They are my life blood and the things that bring me the most joy in this world. Both children and animals were victimized and destroyed at the Sedamsville Rectory. The anguish and pain caused by the heinous acts will not be denied.

In a way, WE are their voice.

The aftermath of the Sedamsville Rectory is that some paranormal parasite has followed me home, to MY safe haven, subjecting me to frequent choruses of my canine choir at the glitches on the security camera, doors slamming, things moving, objects flat out missing... weird things too, like a figurine from my Christmas Town disappeared overnight... I don't think the activity in my own home is evil in nature, more playful or “naughty” than anything else, perhaps a child...followed me home. But, that's a whole other story.

As for the Sedamsville Rectory, we know we've only scraped the surface of what's going on there.

Mickey Mouse in haunted house