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Yoga Masters of the Paranormal

"Yoga Masters of the Paranormal" by Terrie M. Scott, March 8, 2013

Terrie ScottHey everyone,

Sorry it's been awhile since my last blog. Life tends to get in the way sometimes, as I am sure you can all appreciate. Hope you're well.

Since my last blog on the WALKING DEAD, I've managed to see THE HOBBIT again (my fave movie). Ashlee was actually out in Hollywood last month for THE HOBBIT Oscar party. She was stunning in her formal gown on the red carpet. She finally got to meet Dominic Monaghan, the only Hobbit she had yet to meet. had a live feed at their Oscar party, so it was fun watching the activities even though I couldn't be there in person. I saw Ashlee walk past the camera a few times. Very exciting.


The only other movie I've seen recently is “DARK SKIES.” I'd have to think real hard to remember what it was about... something about aliens, the Greys or the Blues or the Polka Dots, I don't know. Polka Dot aliens? Can you imagine that? Aliens with “fun and flare.” Anyway, “Dark Skies” was okay. I generally love all things aliens, but this was just so-so. 

I saw a commercial for a movie premiering recently called “The Last Exorcism II,” drawing the viewer in with its freaky contorting bodies and eye popping visual effects. Never quite understood why demons feel the need to turn into twisted Yoga Masters with the people they possess. I mean, seriously, what are they trying to prove? That they are limber?

Classic horror films like “The Grudge,” (which I usually refer to as “The Grunge” much to my kids chagrin, lol) have the creepy girl walking upside down, backwards down the steps. Well, unless she's got a feather duster in her hands picking up dust bunnies on the stairwell, I don't see a lot of need for that contortion act. It's the scare factor as the audience goes, “Holy crap, how did she contort her body like that?” As we all try to put one of our legs behind our head. Go ahead and try, I'll wait. Now, don't you look silly?

And, I actually like that movie “Legion” with the Angel Michael. I saw it at the theater. Another example of a demonic being incredibly limber... the old lady in the diner? Jeez, that lady had some moves, scampering across the ceiling like a spider. She won't be needing a Rascal Scooter anytime soon.

And, the thing of it is, contorting the body is not necessary. Let's face it, if you ever have the misfortune of finding yourself standing in the presence of a demon, hideous and scary as they may appear... are you really going to take a step back, cross your arms and say, "Naaaa, that disfigured face isn't working for me. What else ya got?" Then, in a flash, the demon starts twisting the limps of some unwilling human host. Clearly grandstanding. Just saying. I think demons are scary enough without all the grotesque things they do to the human body.

In other movie news, “OZ - The Great and Powerful” opens this week. Hmpf. Sometimes you just have to face your fears head on... I am facing a childhood fear - FLYING MONKEYS from the "Wizard of Oz." Am I the only one that hates that movie? It scared the heck out of me – tornadoes, witches, and those frightening flying critters in my nightmares since I was a wee lassy. If I don't conquer my fears of the nasty flying monkeys, look for me under the bed. I don't watch “The Wizard of Oz.” But, I'm willing to give “OZ” a chance. If I can handle the Rectory, certainly CGI flying monkeys will be a cake walk. We shall see.

Update on the OZ film - That facing your fear thing isn't going to work out for me... OZ has upgraded from flying monkeys to flying baboons... “The Omen” wilderness park scene, remember that? Yeah... OZ traumatizing future generations of young film goers. Charming...

So, anyway. Let's get down to business.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but a guest of the Rectory tonight experienced this similar feeling, so I thought I'd address it.

One of the scariest moments about the Rectory is opening that back door at night after its been empty a few days. It's like opening Pandora's Box. You turn that back door key, push open the door and nothing but darkness greets you.

And, it's a weird sense of darkness too, not roaming through your house at night kinda thing. It's devoid of light. It really gives one pause before you just step inside. There's no logical explanation for it and I've walked into plenty of dark buildings before and never got this ominous feeling.

We just stand there, take a deep breath. This is when I generally give Tim I light nudge on his back, signaling for him to enter first. Policy note? Sacrifice Tim.

He takes a tentative step inside and I step in behind him, rush into the kitchen, flip the switch of safety as light spills into the hallway. Phew, a sigh of relief.

It doesn't get any easier. Not even after all this time. The paralysis of fear takes over. It's just a different kind of darkness.

Tim and I had to go over to the Rectory this week to check the boiler and feed the kitties... Pam and her husband had sent us an email saying the temp was not getting above 57 degrees inside the Rectory. Granted, it was below freezing outside and it takes much longer to heat that old building than modern homes, but we needed to make sure everything was running properly. Bleed the radiators or whatever it is.

Things pretty much went to hell from the moment we stepped inside. Tim turned on the voice recorder on his phone as we did a quick clean up before heading down into the basement to check the boiler. On three separate occasions when I was talking the recorder picked up a distinct growl at the same time I was speaking.

We were sitting in the parlor when we heard walking above us in the priest bedroom. We've heard walking before, but never like this and not this long. For a good fifteen minutes, someone or something was walking around upstairs. You could even hear a chair being slid across the floor. When the footsteps started down the front staircase Tim bolted for the parlor door yelling, “Who's there?” The footsteps stopped. At least, momentarily.

In the two years we have taken care of the Rectory, we have never heard what we heard that night. Footsteps usually last a couple of minutes at best, but this was continuous. You could hear the bed creaking, as if someone was sitting on it. Walking from one side of the room to the other.

It's not how audible it was to me that was disturbing, but the duration of the activity.

The expression gripped with fear come into play. You would swear someone was upstairs in that room. It wasn't a ruckus, but seemed like we were intruding in someone else's home. We tried recording what we were experiencing and a couple of interesting things were captured on the recording.

When I would speak, we'd get a low growl, as if it didn't want me to speak. And, we also heard a “let the priest pray” and an “Okay” when I said we needed to check the boiler. Growls, those freaking growls get me every single time.

You spend enough time in a place you know its feel, is ebb and flow. This was different. This wasn't a door slamming or a shadow darting past or disembodied voices. This was intensified paranormal activity and we were scared to death when we heard it walking down the steps towards our location.

My chest was hurting so bad from fear, Tim was breathing heavily. I knew he was scared too. As the footsteps got closer to us, they grew louder, as one would expect as something approaches you... that's when Tim charged the door.

Clearly, we have not learned anything from Robert Bazzle. Calling 911. What's the point? We knew whatever was walking around was nothing from our earthly realm. You'd think we'd dealt with it all before, but like I said, this was different. Like having a house guest that has moved in. The walking and noises continued throughout the evening, even as we inspected the boiler.

As we were working on the boiler, a breaker blew leaving us suffocated in total darkness. We just froze, as if someone paused a movie. Finally we fumbled to shatter the darkness with the soft glowing light of our cell phones. You could just feel the hair on the back of your neck raise. With visions of some demon doing Pilates somewhere in the thick darkness... Of course, I immediately encouraged Tim to hurry up, as if he were not already moving fast enough.

I was expecting to hear that creepy “uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” noise from “The Grudge” movie. If Tim would have done that just to spook me? I would have beat him silly with the wrench he was holding and it would have been purely justified. Luckily, no such noise occured and we made haste out the back door. We said our standard “Goodbye, House!” “Goodbye, kitties!” And, left the Rectory behind us.


If any of you want a REAL fear fest? Go into the Rectory ALONE. Just by yourself. Lights off. Take a walk around. No flashlights.

If you dare...

Till next time...

Pictured with my little Jack Russell Terrier “Frodo”

Terrie and Frodo