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The Walking Dead


The WALKING DEAD by Terrie M. Scott, February 17, 2013

Terrie M ScottHey everyone. I realize it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog, but I've been busy having migraines and preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Are any of you WALKING DEAD fans? Omg, I love that show. I mean seriously. I was prepared to watch it from the first episode, but they lost me after the horse got ripped to shreds. I just can't stomach seeing animals being torn apart like that. But, my daughter, Ashlee convinced me to watch it again and she actually gives me a heads up before an animal gets killed.

So, I watched Seasons One & Two and caught up on Season Three in one week, last week. Today is Sunday and another new episode airs tonight, so it's a WALKING DEAD kinda day. Fans will appreciate my photo featuring Daryl.

I'm a gamer too, so seeing Zombies wiped out doesn't bother me. Left4Dead is my favorite video game, along with the Resident Evil and the Silent Hill series.

The WALKING DEAD is just “Lord of the Flies” with Zombies, seeing how the surviving humans cope and turn on each other, bringing out the best and worst in everyone. Self preservation at its finest.

I agree with making prison a home, but I'd also be finding myself a Walmart Supercenter or Meijer. We have at least four around this area, so maybe they should move to a more suburban part of Georgia. Looting those Ma & Pa stores just isn't bringing in the goods and keeps putting our favorite people at unnecessary risk. Rushing to a store to fetch a pregnancy kit just doesn't display a lot of common sense? Send Lori to get her own freaking pregnancy kit. Just saying. Well, what goes around comes around.

Are you like me? Do you watch the show and evaluate what you would do or how you would handle a Zombie Apocalypse? Pawn shop. Weapons. Wait, is the Pawn Shop the best place? No, every other weekend there seems to be a gun show in town. Head to the convention center. Those NRA people are laughing their asses off at us pacifists. They're stocked to the nine and we're running around smacking Zombies with baseball bats. A little too close for comfort. A little to up close and personal. Shoot the suckers from a safe distance.

Grab some SUV's or Rental trucks, plenty of gas from all those abandoned cars and stock up on medical supplies from hospitals. Another truck full of water, food, non perishables. Grab a limo! Money's no object!

Or how about a hotel near a mall? Everyone would have a nice clean bed... I know the writers want to make it as hard as possible on our human survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse, otherwise why would we feel sorry for them, but I envision them starving to death in clear sight of a Crowne Plaza, nestled beside a Sam's Club.

I could understand if this was a nuclear blast and everything was destroyed or contaminated... But, they are just zombies. Hungry, nasty zombies but who hasn't dreamed of being locked inside a mall after hours? I mean even the survivors clothes are filthy. Good God people... No money, free goods. Grab that Coach bag and shake your money maker. I'd have a new outfit for every single day.

Remember one of the first episodes, where Andrea was concerned about stealing a necklace for her sister Amy? Yeah, cause the Zombie police are gonna get her. I'd have no problem whatsoever helping myself to the spoils.

Of course, I'd share. With half the population gone or Zombiefied... there is enough for everyone.

And, what's with all this walking around on foot? Good Lord, the highways are littered with cars... Certainly they can't all be out of gas? And, you could use that gas to fire up those generators. I just think the shock from seeing Grandma eat Grandpa has affected their intelligence.

To Tim's credit, he is fan also and was screaming PRISON before our beloved and not so beloved characters stumbled upon it.

And, if the military is gone? Stop shopping for scraps. Head to an Army or Marine base and stock up. Grab yourself an arsenal. Again, I hear the NRA folks, eating gourmet popcorn from their bunkers during the Zombie Apocalypse laughing their asses off at us regular people contemplating eating a can of Alpo.

Pass me the Grey Poupon darling... This dog food is a bit gamey.

Somewhere there is a group of survivalist screaming, "Who's the bitch now?" as they watch us ward off a zombie attack with a spatula.

Sometimes they just seem to make things harder than necessary with the world at your disposal. For example, my girls and I did a parody of “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” which showed around the country at conventions. One of the things we twisted was the heroic struggle of Frodo and Sam as they fought mental fatigue and exhaustion to make it to the top of Mount Doom.

In our parody, Gollum meets them (Frodo and Sam) at the top and says that he took the elevator up and that they could have bought a 5 cent guide book at the bottom of the mountain, as he waves his “Guide Book to Mount Doom” in the air.

And, Michonne – the tough as nails, Samurai sword swinging chick? Why leader Rick wants to chase her away is anyone's guess? That girl can kick serious butt. Granted, she's not the most personable character, but survival is not a tea party.

Hey, Rick should talk. At least, the rest of the crew is not talking to dead people on the phone, featuring the new Sprint phone service. Maybe he should order a pizza while he's at it. Or heaven forbid, try 911. har har har Wait, Rick is seeing dead people now too. I'm glad that Lori finally got a change of clothes after her death. So, now Rick is haunted by the dead. Cue eerie music.

I personally don't think little brat Carl shot his Mom. I think she'll show up in the prison someplace as a Zombie. With any luck she'll find Shane. Those two deserve each other. Daryl's my favorite character. At first you think – a true redneck, but then you learn that he's a decent soul. Hard to believe Merle is his brother... clearly he was adopted. Daryl has become one of the most endearing characters. Strong, silent type.

My favorite Daryl quote: “Yeah, and everyone in Hell is asking for a Slurpee"

You know you're a die hard WALKING DEAD fan when you can actually watch it while eating dinner.

THE WALKING DEAD is my favorite show and I am truly addicted. But, I can't help but wonder what I would do differently. I'm sure you think about it too.

Until next time... Stay safe and remember if you see a zombie? Shoot for the head.

- The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights, 9pm EST on AMC -

The Walking Dead