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Dreams by Terrie M. Scott, January 16, 2013

Terrie M ScottDreams are fascinating, don't you think? When I was in college, back in the 80's (...when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the disco Gods rained down upon us) - one of the electives I took was "Dream Psychology."

Dreams are ways in which your subconscious mind communicates with you. To interpret it, you need to analyze the meaning of your dreams.

In a nutshell: "Dreams are thoughts, emotions and the images shaped by them, which are encountered when asleep. One has dreams during the rapid eye movement sleep. Various theories on dream interpretations exist but the real purpose of dreams is still unknown. Dreams are closely associated with human psychology. Research shows that during an average lifespan, a human being spends about six years in dreaming which is around two hours every night.

In the class, we were required to perform a ritual upon waking - it might sound silly, but it actually does work. When you wake up, lie perfectly still. Don't sit up, don't roll over, just remain still with your eyes closed.

Allow yourself to remain in that limbo between your awake time and your dream state. Remain that way for thirty minutes, letting the images and scenes flood back into your mind. 

After 30 minutes, jot down everything you can remember - a dream diary, if you will.

It might take you a few tries, but you will get results. We're so used to bolting out the bed once the alarm goes off that the dreams vanish before we even remember we had them. Slow down, pause before starting your day and record those subconscious thoughts drifting in from your dreams.

At least, try it for a couple of weeks. You might be surprised by the results.

And, don't feed me this bull that you don't dream. EVERYONE dreams. You might not remember your dreams, but I can assure you that you do in fact dream.

Where is this leading? Well, I've made no secret of the fact that I've had terrible nightmares since becoming involved with the Rectory. Others that have visited have also experienced similar night terrors. I don't know why, so don't shoot the messenger.

The other night, I had a particularly terrifying dream regarding the Rectory. One of those dreams that are so vivid you aren't sure whether it actually happened or not once you finally open your eyes.

The thing that was interesting about this dream, aside from the content, that despite being woken up three times during the course of my "sleep time." The dream resumed where it had left off - as if it merely paused and waited for me to return. I mean "woken up" like having to speak to someone on the phone woken up, half asleep, but still half awake, and then... off to dreamworld to pick up where I left off on the terror train.

In this dream, Tim and I were at the Rectory, cleaning, waiting for a group to arrive. Tim was wearing jeans and a plain gray hooded sweatshirt. It was cold in the Rectory, because the heat had been turned down, so Tim had his hood up.

I was walking behind him, as we checked each room. Again - sacrifice Tim. "You first." We had proceeded past the creepy room, past the prayer room and had just finished cleaning the small priest bedroom. As we crossed through the small hallway where the adjoining bathroom is located, I was lifted off my feet by some unseen force, and suspended in mid air. Probably two feet off the ground, just dangling there.

Tim didn't miss a beat, he took a few more steps and crossed into the bedroom with the king size bed (left top of stairs). I called out for him and he finally stopped. There I was frozen in midair...

Tim finally turned around slowly, and as he did I realized it was not Tim's face under the hood. It was that creepy troll thing and it was snarling at me. I was too scared to speak. But "it" (aka Tim) leaned into me, tilting its head left and right, like a dog would, inspecting me and sniffing at me, eyes wide, black and just deformed beyond belief.

I woke myself up from fright at that point. When I finally drifted back to sleep, the dream picked up where it had left off. I was still suspending above the floor, but the Tim creature was gone. This time wounded animals were walking past me... in and out of the doorways, up and down the hallways, wounded, limping, maimed. It was grotesque. And, the smell . . . no, the stench. I remember the stench.

The phone rang and woke me up that time. I mumbled something incoherently to Ashlee I am sure and then returned to dreamworld. Once again, back in the Rectory. This time I was standing back on the floor, blood smeared on the walls in front of me. I just started running. The hallway seemed to go on forever and the faster I ran the further away the staircase leading downstairs to safety moved away from me. My legs started to feel like I was running through wet cement. I kept looking over my shoulder, at what? I do not know.

The phone rang again. I didn't answer it, but fell back asleep for the third time. This time, my dream dropped me in the basement, hearing whimpering and crying. I couldn't see anything. There was no light whatsoever. I didn't know where to turn because I was disorientated. I couldn't even tell you what part of the basement I was in, but the floor was hard concrete and when I moved my feet the dirt shifted under my shoes, so I know I wasn't on hardwood floors.

I reached out to touch a wall - fumbling in the darkness. Panic setting in. I finally touched a wall. It felt damp and wet. I thought I heard shuffling behind me, but my eyes had not adjusted to the darkness. I might as well have been inside a pine box. I heard the shuffling again. It sounded closer this time. I was desperately trying to figure out where the staircase was located. I couldn't see anything, but it felt like something was standing right beside me.

I scared myself awake again. It's not very often that I get woken up and return to the same dream. Very rare actually. I spent the better part of the day feeling creeped out, especially seeing Tim turn around with his face gone, replaced by the troll thingy. Ugh.

Gonna need a bigger bat. Yes, sir.

Did I really need that image plastered in my head? I can see Tim making once false move at the Rectory and me pepper spraying the crap out of him simply because he was scratching his head.

Or Tim making the unfortunate mistake of wearing his hood up while inside the Rectory on one of these bitterly cold winter nights and me screaming, "Hood down, hood down!!!" like a freaking loon.

Makes me want to sleep with the light on... wait, I already do. Like it makes a difference?

I didn't go to the Rectory tonight because of my migraine, so Tim had to clean it by himself. I stayed on the phone with him - buddy system. I was asking him something and then he started hushing me.

Of course, he was "hushing me" in a HUSHED voice, so I could NOT *HEAR* him, so I kept saying, "What? I didn't hear you?"

Meanwhile, Tim was "supposedly" saying, "huuussssshhhhh"

While I continued to say, "Excuse me, what did you say? You're breaking up."

Finally, Tim yelled, "HUSH!!!!"

I'm like, "Geez, you don't have to yell at me."

He put me on Facetime, which is a nifty feature where you can see the person talking to you. Facetime connected and Tim was looking left and right, rapidly like a scared rabbit. Well, he can write his own blog if he doesn't like the analogy. lol

So, I was kinda annoyed he was yelling "HUSH" at me. Then, he explained that he was hearing footsteps and talking in the Rectory. I could tell he was starting to get freaked out. I told him to walk me through the Rectory via Facetime. He wasn't very keen on that idea because he just wanted to finish up and get the hell out of dodge.

He continued his rapid left and right glances as I watched from the safety of my home. He said he could plain as day hear someone walking on the second floor.

Gosh, that's just too darn bad... I thought to myself as I enjoyed my Baby Ruth bar, in the safety of my own home. Oops, did I say that already?

That's what you get for hushing me. But, seriously, he heard footsteps upstairs when he was in the dining room, and again when he was upstairs cleaning.

I watched intently. Waiting for Tim's feet to be knocked out from underneath of him and dragged up the hallway... may I reiterate, from the safety of my own home.

He did make a sarcastic remark that he needs to get a t-shirt that reads: Sacrifice Tim...Hold that thought while I open a new window at CafePress.

Oh my God, Tim seriously suggested he prank me at the Rectory sometime by getting a silly mask and turning towards me like I saw in my dream.

Yeah, because it was so hilarious when we endured all those months of "Hide the Head" at the Rectory. That's why we took the mannequin head out of the Rectory because people kept scaring the crap out of us with it. Hiding it places like the bread box, the top of the staircase, in the toilet or on the bed made out like a person...

Naughty, naughty paranormal investigators. Nearly gave us a heart attack!

All kidding aside, Tim just better keep that hood down where I can see his bald head or I'll be all over him like a tic on a hound dog.

Yeah, laugh it up funny boy. You're going down.

CBUS Paranormal
Courtesy of John and crew from C-Bus Paranormal. Thanks for the little fright (May 2012)