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A big can of "Whoop Ass"

A big can of "Whoop Ass" by Terrie M. Scott, January 8, 2013

Terrie ScottHaving a killer migraine. There are people that think a lot and are cold and unfeeling. And, there are people that care deeply and don't think much about anything. Then, there are people that think a great deal and care deeply also. I am one of those that think a lot and care deeply, which is probably why I am prone to headaches and depression. Just an observation. Seriously, my head is about to explode. Hurts so bad. Ugh This is one of those "do-over" days.

Sigh... Well, I've written a few blogs lately and as you may have noticed I've conveniently managed not to directly address the Rectory. That was intentional, I can assure you.

However, after yet another night hoping for sleep and fighting off nightmares, I guess it's time to address it once again.

I don't think a lot about the TV shows that have filmed at the Rectory. My life doesn't afford me the luxury of too much time to sit around and reflect on those events.

But, I woke up this morning with the image in my head of what the Ghost Adventures crew captured at the Rectory. I remember sitting in their truck while they showed it to us. That I remember like it was yesterday.

It wasn't like it was a frame from a horror film. It was something they caught on camera in a place we have spent a great deal of time in. Not knowing what that thing was or what it's intent may be is compelling to say the least. 

So after another night of bad dreams that image was in my head and I thought of the events that unfolded while Zak, Aaron and Nick were in the Rectory with Father Ashcraft, Tim and I. An hour long show was not nearly enough - to be sure. It was definitely edited for television and not for the faint hearted. Everyone was leery and for good reason.

I guess this morning was the first time in quite awhile I thought about what happened while they were here and what they captured. I try not to think about it.

John Zaffis told me that he knew something was at the Rectory and it was not good, whatever it was. And, then to see what "it" might be. Very unsettling.

Recently, we pulled onto Steiner Street and the Rectory sat there in total darkness. You'd think the electricity had been cut off, even the outside front carriage lights were off.

We soon learned that one of the groups failed to close the door properly at the Rectory. By the time we got there to feed the kitties and clean, a few days had passed since they group had left.

The door was wide open. It was pitch black inside. Leaves had blown into the foyer. We stood there on the back porch looking in.

Oh great, right? Immediately we start wondering how many critters were inside or if it had been vandalized with the door wide open like that.

People PLEASE please SLAM the door shut when you leave. It's not hard.

Bad thing was, they had even pulled the nightlights out and turned off the exterior lights... so we were literally standing there looking into a solid wall of darkness.

I looked at Tim and said, "You first."

Remember my policy on sacrificing Tim, har har har. What's he going to do? Send me in first? When I get devoured my some unseen creature how would he explain that he escaped unharmed, right? Of course, he has to sacrifice himself and step into the darkness first. Makes *perfect* sense to me. :)

Anyway, we knew we were going to have to go room by room, checking everywhere for any critters... hoping not to find "other" things. We systematically started in the kitchen, closing every door behind us so if there was a critter inside, it couldn't scamper back into a room already cleared, turning on every light as we moved from room to room.

It was not fun. We were both uneasy. We didn't find any critters, but it was one of those nights when the Rectory was "off."

I guess in addition to leaving the back door wide open, they had also left the hallway lights on, which now were burnt out and would not turn on. I dug through my purse for one of those mini flashlights that gave off as much light as a fireflies butt basically. We were so ill prepared. Tim tried using the light from his cell phone instead. Neither one of us wanted to head upstairs without some sort of light.

Before we even started up the front staircase to the second floor, we heard a door slam hard upstairs.

The back door had been left open for days thanks to the group, so it wasn't a sudden draft, so we were thinking perhaps an intruder. I don't know why we never think of calling the police - must be my Army veteran mentality and Tim's tough guy persona. So despite any lessons learned from Robert Bazzle's experience at the Rectory when they actually did call 911..., Tim started up the dark staircase.

Will we never learn?

All I could think of was, "This is SO not cool."

While visions of little troll creepy things danced in our wee little heads.

So we slowly made our way up the dark staircase with our poor excuses for light sources in our hands. We did flip on the bedroom light at the top of the stairs (left) to let light spill out into the hallway.

Tim said he was going to take the creepy room. More power to him. I didn't object. I continued up the hallway to the front room, we call the "prayer room."

The door to the prayer room was closed. I started calling for Tim. God only knows where he was... I say that because he was just in the next room, in the "creepy room" and I could hear him responding, but he sounded far away.

You'd think me calling, "Tim, Tim, Tim..." would have sent him charging up the hallway, but he had apparently had his head under the couch searching for critters. So all he heard was my muffled cries and all I heard was his distant response.

Great team work, huh?

I stood there, in front of the bedroom door. Do I open it or leave it closed? It seemed like a long time, but I know it was just a few seconds, that slight hesitation, while Tim wondered about elsewhere, presumably stuck under the couch.

I stopped calling for him and reached out for the doorknob. I let my hand rest on the doorknob.

Now, Terrie... You've seen enough horror films to know better. Remember sitting in front of the TV making fun of the dumb people for just bursting into a room like that. Someone, somewhere was now laughing at me.

I thought to myself, "Get a grip," and then I turned the door handle and pushed open the door.

I did NOT step inside.

I wasn't prepared for what I saw, because the thing of it was... I saw NOTHING. I mean - nothing. It was like a veil of darkness shrouded the room. I had been in this room many many times at night and you could always see the faint glow of the street lamp floating in through the two windows.

Not on this night. Tonight, there was not light coming from the safety of the street outside. No light whatsoever came from anywhere within the room. It was freaky. I mean downright freaky.

Then, I heard it... that low growl, coming from somewhere within that room.

My feet were cemented in place. I yelled again for Tim. LOUDLY and with panic in my voice, enough to finally get his attention. He KNEW something was wrong.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from the room. They were locked, staring into the darkness. I could hear Tim running towards me. Next thing I know, he is standing beside me, asking me what is wrong. He looked in the room and could see for himself that there was no light whatsoever coming from the outside. The energy within was so frightening.

He leaned past me and flipped on the light, and said, "Why didn't you just flip on the light?"

I said, "Because when I opened the door it was OBVIOUS something was wrong. I didn't even want to stick my arm inside the room." Again, sacrifice Tim.

I insisted we not split up again. Where do bad things go when you flip on the light? Do they scamper to find another dark place?

We finished checking the rooms on the 2nd floor. We still had the attic and basement to check. Most of the sighting of the little creepy thing have been around the attic and servant's quarter area. We try to avoid these areas. I stood at the bottom while Tim checked the attic and stood at the top while he checked the basement, occasionally glancing upstairs through the spindles towards the room where I had just heard the growl.

I called down to the basement, "Can we go now, please?" It just was not a good night to be there. We were both slightly annoyed that the art of closing a door was so hard to master for some individual and we were put in a situation we were not comfortable with, especially in a place like the Rectory.

I can't speak for Tim, but later that evening, I did Google one of those miner helmet's with the light on top of it. I might want to keep it in my trunk, just in case; along with a baseball bat, a giant net, several crucifixes, and thick scarf (for any vampires, of course), garlic cloves (also for any vampires), beef jerky (for the werewolves), a special troll trap that Ed's going to make, a big can of "Whoop Ass" for the Bogeyman, and some new running shoes.

After all, I don't have to be the fastest, I just have to be able to outrun Tim.