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Dinosaurs, aliens and ghosts, oh my!

Dinosaurs, aliens and ghosts, oh my! By Terrie M. Scott, December 29, 2012

Terrie M. ScottI see we all survived the Mayan doomsday. Time to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. har har har

2012 is coming to a close. It's been a tough year, for everyone. One can only hope that 2013 brings better times for all of us.

I also hope that 2013 brings the paranormal community back to a more agreeable frame of mind. Too much negativity.

I'm not going to get into a lengthy debate about it, but the spirit world and paranormal activity have always been controversial subjects.

Paranormal research is not an exact science, nor are you guaranteed activity just because you walk through the door.

However, unless you are a Halloween attraction, I don't think anyone should be manufacturing activity. That just blurs the lines between real evidence and hocus pocus nonsense. As much as I hate to admit it... I am not Harry Potter. I can't just wave a magic wand and say, "Release the ghosts!"

I never know what to expect when I walk through any door. I have learned that much from the Rectory. 

I would think more often than not, paranormal investigators get little or no evidence at locations they visit. It doesn't mean the place isn't active, it just might not be active at that moment.

You might have a perfectly pleasant evening... Or you could have quite a terrifying and unexpected journey. (HOBBIT pun intended)

What happens, happens. I've read some of these posts where people go places and because they didn't get activity, they deem a place as not haunted. Seriously? Are you really expecting activity, as if you are entitled to it? Rubbish. Doesn't mean anything. If you go into a place expecting paranormal activity, then you are in the wrong field. It's not that black & white. Granted, I don't have years of field experience like many of you do, but it's just common sense to me.

Isn't the pursuit of activity, the chase, the hunt - where the excitement really lies? That scientific adventure to uncover the secrets that so many of us want answers to. I would think having something strange and unexpected happen was a bonus. There are no guarantees.

Whatever lies in the unknown is just that - unknown. Casper is not always a friendly ghost either.

I've known people that didn't believe in dinosaurs because they aren't mentioned in the bible... uh huh. And others that completely reject the notion that there *may* be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Such arrogance to think that in the vastness of space, that us humans are the only intelligent life forms in existence or that ours is the only planet capable of sustaining life.

OMG Don't even get me started. "Luke... I sense a disturbance in the Force."

In 1980, I was a mere 15 yrs old. I was one of the American's chosen to attend an International Christian Youth Conference in Cornwall, England. 1200 youth from 42 countries came together to discuss such topics of concern as world peace, world hunger and more.

The conference was held in the foothills of Tintagel Castle (a place where the legendary King Arthur is said to have roamed). In the ruins of the 13th century castle lies a cemetery, hundreds of years old. At night, a fog bank would creep over the top of the rocky cliffs from the ocean, sending a solid wall of white to drape over the entire area.

A few of us brave souls would wander into the cemetery at night and tell ghost stories, of all things, with our sodas and authentic British "fish & chips" wrapped in oily newspaper. The fog would engulf us, so thick that you couldn't see your hand before your face. We'd get pretty spooked. We half expected something to grab us from the fog and drag us off into the ruins of the castle. Perhaps some medieval knight that had fallen in battle centuries ago. There was an undeniable powerful energy surrounding that castle. We all felt it. I think we all pulled our blankets a little snugger around our heads those nights. Boo!

We have so many things not to believe in... why should anyone believe in ghosts too? Hmmm, why not? Read my earlier blog on the Schrödinger's Cat. Be a skeptic, but also have an open mind.

We can all agree that no one has all the answers to the universe. Unless you possess the answers to the universe, no one should be pointing fingers or bashing anyone else. It's just so unnecessary.


Anyway, we have a couple of things coming up rather soon that I'd like to share with you.

Keith Age and the Booth Brothers will be hosting an event at the Sedamsville Rectory on January 18th & 19th. Guest are encouraged to dress up in late 1800's period costumes. Sounds like a very fun event!

I'm familiar with the Booth Brothers through my love of SciFi, as I have mentioned many times in previous blogs. I used to have the SyFy Channel on in my house 24 hours a day. Hey, my dogs loved watching the X-Files and disaster movies. lol

I saw "Death Tunnel" years ago on the SyFy Channel and actually purchased the DVD soon after its release. During the days of "MySpace" (gosh, remember those days?) I "friended" both of the Booth Brothers to continue to follow their work. I didn't know them personally, but we stayed friends when everyone was making the cross over to Facebook.

I've enjoyed their work over the years, and let's face it - they have to be two of the coolest film makers of the horror genre. I was glad to see them finally headlining paranormal events over the past year or so. It's about time, actually.

I have my own family of up and coming young film makers, so I appreciate the Booth Brothers grass roots approach and their devotion to following their dreams, being true to themselves.

When my daughter, Ashlee, was raising funds for her thesis film at the New York Film Academy earlier this year, "Through a Child's Eyes," a film about domestic violence and child abuse, she created a Kickstart page to promote her efforts.

Personal friends of ours such as Kiran Shah (from the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Narnia); Dean Haglund (from The X-Files); Mario Xavier (from Burn Notice); Michael Regina (from and so many more sponsored Ashlee's film in a show of support for the young film maker they had come to know so many years before.

I wrote to the Booth Brothers several months ago about Ashlee's film. They graciously offered to promote her film "Through a Child's Eyes" on their Facebook pages. They didn't have to do that. They didn't know us personally. But, they promoted her film just the same. That says a lot about them.

So not only are they entertaining film makers, they are also all around nice guys. I hope everyone gets an opportunity to come to their event at the Rectory and meet them first hand.

See below for more details on this special event.

On a more somber note, we were shocked and saddened to hear about the recent death of Sara, a paranormal investigator, that became seriously ill after a location she visited.

The "Sara Harris Foundation" fundraiser will be taking place at the Rectory on March 24th.

Our friends, Lorraine & Jason, have organized a wonderful event in honor of Sarah. We ask that everyone support this worthy cause and attend the fundraiser, if possible. Thank you.

If you're going to ghost hunt, please be safe. It's not worth losing your life over. Our prayers go out to Sara's family over this tragic loss.

See below for more details about this event also.

We hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!!! May God bless each and everyone of you.

Click link for more information on Keith Age and the Booth Brothers event:

Click here for more information on the "Sara Harris Foundation" fundraiser: