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Schròdinger’s Cat

Schròdinger’s Cat by Terrie M. Scott, December 2, 2012

Terrie M ScottBefore I begin, I want to send a thanks out to everyone again for your kind letters of support. And, thanks to everyone that sends in their stories about experiences at the Rectory. I do appreciate it.

I'm not so naive as to think anyone should declare a place haunted. Nothing is that black and white. I'm not even going to go there. If there is such a thing as ghosts? And, I tend to believe that there is definitely something intruding into our space given my personal experiences the past year... Then, it is my opinion that they are everywhere. I don't think these "experiences" confine themselves to specific locations. Perhaps it's more appropriate to say that they may linger around particular locations that they have some attachment to or are drawn to.

Maybe it's like H.G. Well's classic "Time Machine" theory - that it's just a glimpses of the fourth dimension, seeping through into our time. 

If that were true? Then, it's just layers of layers of time that we occasionally witness. And, in their time? They are still alive and WE are the intruders.

Perhaps, that is why we started experiencing strange phenomena when we began renovations. This interesting theory was portrayed well in the Nicole Kidman movie "The Others."

And, what of the Fifth Dimension? Quantum physics? The Theory of Relativity? Spacetime?

My daughter, Ashlee, became sick when she was in the 2nd grade with neurocardio-genic syncope. She kept fainting, even when sitting up. She wasn't able to attend regular school anymore, so I was faced with the monumental task of educating my girls.

I like to describe it as "sharing" my education with them. Every aspect of my education, even my college studies of film and editing, I shared with them. I took a very spatial approach to education. Things don't necessarily stick when it's just book learning, so I injected visuals, hands on, experiments, you name it.

What better way to study the Middle Ages than to go to Great Britain and place your hand upon a thousand year old castle? Or how about a trip to the Field Museum in Chicago or the Smithsonian? Rachel used to impress the heck out of adults by spewing theories when she was a little girl.

Sir Isaac Newton's Lex III: Actioni contrariam semper et æqualem esse reactionem: sive corporum duorum actiones in se mutuo semper esse æquales et in partes contrarias dirigi.

Law III: To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.

The entire world was our classroom! We could brainstorm for hours about these theories and I wonder how much of these theories spill into the "paranormal" realm.

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity for example. The String Theory is just an extension of that. Are you familiar with the "Many Worlds" theory?

It's something science fiction writers have been theorizing about for decades. (yes, I am a science fiction geek) Basically, it refers to alternate realities, quantum realities, inter-dimensional beings - the stuff of TV shows and movies in the fantastic world of science fiction.

Is it science fiction or science fact? Consider this exercise in visualization with the "many world" theory:

Schròdinger’s Cat is a well known and often baffling mental exercise in visualization, pertaining to the complexities of quantum theory and quantum entanglement.

"Erwin Schròdinger (August 12, 1887 – January 4, 1961), a German born physicist of Einstein caliber, once postulated a paradoxical thought experiment to quantify the problem, as he saw it, with quantum entanglement. Schròdinger proposed to think of a cat, entrapped in a solid cage, with a flask of poison. A measurement device, such as a Geiger counter would accompany the cat and thus identify when the flask had released its poison, in turn either killing the cat or not.

The thought experiment then takes a twist, Schròdinger suggested that, prior to a person inspecting the inside of the box, the cat, after having been exposed to the poison would actually exist as a mixed form of both dead and alive cat; essentially holding its quantum potential for both outcomes simultaneously, and only choosing the correct state for this reality upon the cage being open and the conscious mind of the observer influencing the outcome.

He suggested that our perception of reality is what separated the dead cat from the living cat; as until the influence of our perception, the cat exists as both at the same time.[3] His seemingly morbid and strange assertions were in fact, at least partially supported by a great deal of complex mathematics, and this particular thought experiment became a rather large thorn in the side of theoretical physicists the world over, and still to this day.

Through the extrapolation of this idea and its application to the world, galaxy and universe on the whole, you can see how the poor cat in the cage, carries big ramifications for the furtherance of quantum physics, not the least of which is how to reconcile the idea that all possibilities exist, simultaneously (four simple words with such enormous meaning)."

What this has to do with ghost hunting? All possibilities exist, simultaneously.

What if we considered the idea that there are countless other dimensions of reality that we simply are not capable of perceiving?

This is exactly what the science of Quantum Physics is considering now, and has been for several years. Some have mathematically calculated that there are anywhere between 10500 and 10 to the power of 1010,000,000 (which is 10 raised to a number ending with ten million zeros) separate universal realities or dimensions.[2] A value few can even fathom is used to represent the possible number of alternate dimensions to our reality, yet, our brain is incapable of perceiving even a fourth dimension in an accurate way (time is considered the fourth dimension, but it is not linear, our brains simply perceive it that way).

So, to relate the above science to a subject that requires a great deal of illumination (ghosts), can we consider the idea that ghosts are simply an infringement or intrusion of a fifth or sixth (likely fifth) dimension of perception on our reality? The separation between the fourth dimension (time) and an unknown fifth dimension could be as simple as the difference between the second and third dimensions of our known reality (‘up’ being that difference, or depth for the technically minded).

Electromagnetic radiation, as detectable by simple instruments, and even by the eyes of most living creatures on earth, may in fact be the one element of the multi-verse that permeates all of the countless dimensions that could possibly exist. Light might actually be the unifying principal of existence.

There are still literally hundreds of other possible explanations for what causes the EMF readings that most ghost hunters claim to gather as evidence of ghosts.

Human cognitive development is an amazing process. The human brain goes through surprising and fundamental changes throughout its development in the skull of a child and eventually an adult. Is it conceivable that children, and the lesser developed brains of certain other higher mammals are capable of perceiving EM radiation to a greater extent than fully developed adult humans? And would such a predilection for EM wave energy account for the popular notion that children and animals have the capacity to see ghosts where others can’t?

All interesting theories, but even with this in mind I can't explain the scratches Tim and my Dad received. Nor, can I explain how I was pushed so violently by some unseen assailant.

Seeking answers, seeking to understand is what makes the paranormal field so fascinating. Are we being contacted by someone that is no longer living or is it just another reality punching its way, albeit momentarily, into our reality, and are some places more susceptible to this "open door" than others? Is the notion of a "vortex" just another example of this theory at work?

Something happened Friday night at the Rectory that prompted me to write this particular blog. We had to meet a group. We gave the cats outside food and water as usual.

Tim and I did our quick walk through to straighten and clean. I needed to take a roll of toilet paper to the upstairs bathroom because I knew we were running low up there. Tim followed me up the main staircase and towards the servant's quarters, toilet paper in hand. I guess Tim was maybe five feet behind me.

As soon as I stepped across the threshold of the servant's quarters a jolt hit me. A static jolt, the air was super charged with electricity. It was like walking into a force field. It actually made the right side of me go completely numb.

I stopped and put up my hands and said, "What the heck?" Tim hurried up behind me to see what was wrong. I felt like I walked into an electrified fence. Whatever it was dispersed, but you could still feel that the air was incredibly charged. My arm and right side had a dull ache for a couple of hours after that.

That has never happened to me before at the Rectory. I have no clue what caused it. But, it made me think of these theories that I had read about my entire life in science books and science fiction novels.

Just one more addition to the "weird" file.

In closing, I just love talking about science theories, especially ones that involve time displacement and space. Makes your head spin, but in a good way. My equally geekie Star Wars friends and I would sit around and theorize about this stuff for hours when I was in Junior High and High School. We'd have some very heated debates about this. Little Einstein wanna-be's that we were. This is the stuff of my youth. Anyone "ghost hunting" should also be receptive to these theories, if they truly want to be scientific about it.

EXPLORE the theory that ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST SIMULTANEOUSLY. It might not be a ghost you are contacting... it just might be a another time and place. Shows like "Sliders" showcase these theories, as does the current sci fi hit "The Fringe."

"Most of us experience life as a linear progression... ...but this is an illusion - because every day, life presents us with an array of choices... ...each choice leads to a new path. To go to work. To stay home. And each choice we take creates a new reality." Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble) - (to the science team, simplifying theories on the pliability of space-time and protracted deja vu) (The Road Not Taken, THE FRINGE, Season One)

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