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DESPAIR by Terrie M. Scott, November 4, 2012

Terrie M Scott - DespairI've had to go to the Rectory twice this week. I fed the cats and just sat in the car. I didn't venture inside. I couldn't do so. I feel such despair when I am near the Rectory.

Tim did go inside. I really didn't give him a choice by my refusal to help. The group was late, so we had to wait for them. I get very agitated when groups do that. I just want to leave, but we have to wait wait wait. I can't stress enough for people to BE ON TIME. We don't want to be there, so please don't make us stay there longer than necessary. I don't even like sitting in the car. I prefer to be as far away as possible.

That being said... My nightmares continue. The growls, the whispers... THAT FACE caught on camera by the GHOST ADVENTURES crew. I'm not sleeping well at all. Night terrors keep waking me up over and over and over again. So, I spend the days fatigued and mentally drained. My mind in a fog, sleep deprivation. It's like a plague. 

I fear something has followed me home. Followed me home to my safe haven. Despite all my best efforts to prevent that. I keep seeing something small, 2-3 foot tall, darting between rooms.

I have two security systems installed in my home and throughout the parameter. One is an 8 camera DVR system and the other is a Home Security system with motion detectors and door/window detection.

I spend a great deal of time just staring at the DVR Home security cameras. Seeing things. I changed the settings on the cameras to also indicate movement, using an audible alarm. Like dominos... The upstairs foyer alarm goes off, bottom of staircase alarm goes off next, then the ground foyer alarm goes off... Happens with alarming regularity now.

I have a security system installed also. The motion detectors INSIDE my house keep going off. Now that scares the crap out of me, excuse the language. But, a piece of dust is NOT going to set off a professionally installed security system. The door alarms don't go off, but I do have three interior motion detectors set up with the Home Security system.

It's as if, something is walking down the front staircase, into the front kitchen and into the dining area. It actually sets off my professional alarm system. Guardian Alarm calls me with intruder alerts... except NO ONE is there. They even came out to check the system for me and found no issues... yet, some THING is setting off my interior alarms, only in that part of the house. And, the DVR motion detector audible alarms keep going off as well.

Not to confused to the cute raccoon that made it's way into the upstairs bathroom where repairs are being done. The bathroom has two doors, both shut and locked. The raccoon doesn't have access to any areas outside the bathroom.

We know the Rectory is haunted, but why is this happening in my home now?

Tonight, we had to go back to the Rectory. Trash night, set the heat, read the meter, turn off lights, secure the premises, feed my cats there. Tim asked me to help him clean. I think it was just an excuse to make me go inside. He doesn't like going in there anymore than I do.

We argued about it for awhile. We just don't get along very well, especially not since that night with the priest, constantly clashing. Words such as duty, responsibility get thrown around and before I know it, I am standing in the foyer of that creepy place. Not a happy camper.

We're not inside for ten minutes and we hear a door slam on the 2nd floor. We stand there an argue a few minutes about whether or not to go check it out. So, we both just stood there at the bottom of the staircase staring up at it for a good 20 seconds. There was a large black mass at the top of the stairs, blocking out any light coming through the window. Whatever it was moved into the bedroom to the left, which was the room where the door slammed.

We stood there for a minute, neither one of us saying anything. Then, I looked at Tim and said, "Aren't you going to go check that out?" Nice of me to so easily sacrifice Tim. (Better him than me, sorry but it does cross your mind)

He muttered something under his breath and headed up stairs. I followed on his heels. The energy was different. Strong, heavy. As if we interrupted something and were not welcome there. Definitely an uneasy feeling upstairs.

I suggested we hurry and clean since we were already upstairs, but we stuck together. Neither one of us wanted to be alone. Sounded like footsteps in the front bedroom. We just looked at each other and kept cleaning.

I reached down and set my mp3 player to Carmina Burana: O Fortuna to drown out any creepy noises we might hear. Tonight was just one of those nights were the place was crawling. Crawling with activity, crawling with energy.

Tim and I didn't even speak to each other. Just stayed in the same room together, cleaning, next. Cleaning, next. Repeat. Hurried downstairs, did what we needed to do, grabbed our stuff and hurried out the door.