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Sedamsville Rectory's Wounded

By Terrie M. Scott - October 13, 2012

Terrie M ScottWe had members of the Sedamsville community over last weekend. They were invited over for a "meet and greet" to see our renovation work thus far. It went really well.

Something someone said to me in passing has been haunting me all week. They mentioned how just that one priests has ruined so many lives.

THINK about that. The loss of innocence can never be restored. Young boys forever altered by those shameless monstrous acts.

The lady told me they all had issues: mental, emotional, health, never married. Can you imagine how such a betrayal of trust would destroy a child? It's heartbreaking. Unforgivable.

As for me? Maybe my own personal drama makes me more susceptible to this pain. I think the Rectory holds pain like a sponge, feeding off despair.

I know I am at my breaking point. On the total brink of destruction. It is hard to function on a daily basis.

The more I cling to my own faith, the more Tim moves even further away from whatever remains of his beliefs. I can't even reason with him anymore. It's like talking to a brick wall.

My daughter, Rachel asked me not to go back anymore. I argued with her. And just quit? Give in? I can hear the bad spirits laughing. If we are to believe demons walk among us, then so do angels.

We went to a special screening of a new film called "Sinister." Strange how we have a whole new perspective on scary films when you are dealing with it in real life.

There is a scene where Ethan Hawke is hearing footsteps and noises, but he cant see anything. The viewer sees the ghosts, however, right up in his face... That was very disturbing to me. We KNOW they are there. We just can't see them. Always reliving the past, taunting us, manipulating us, like puppets.

If this nightmare inside the rectory truly is a battle for our souls? Then I know what side I am standing on. I can't give up. I REFUSE to give up. If the Sedamsville Rectory has a problem with that? Then GAME ON.